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Stretched For Income? Invest In Gatorade [Bottles]

Get a grip, because I’m about to tell you how to double your money with no risk. While simultaneously bringing new meaning to the phrase, “go green”. Let’s talk recycling. Like me, I’m sure that many of your beer-drinking friends go on about the  hundreds of dollars they ‘make’ by taking their crushed aluminum cans … Continue reading

Crazy Uncles And Red-Headed Stepchildren

So here, free of charge, is my suggestion to lower the temperature of our political debates. Replace the metaphor for our clash of ideas, which is currently WAR, with something else. And since the Democrats and Republicans can’t yet agree on anything, I will offer up a custom metaphor for each side. The Repubs will henceforth … Continue reading

Thank Goodness, Perfect Is Not Always The Enemy Of The Good

You probably thought this was going to be a post about our dysfunctional political system. You can relax, it’s not. Voltaire’s quote has got a lot of mileage lately, mostly by proponents of Health Care Reform. The original quote in French is “Le mieux est l’ennemi du bien.”, from Voltaire’s Dictionnaire Philosophique (1764) Literally translated … Continue reading

Serfs, Slaves And The Health Care Debate

I wasn’t always a fan of Paul Krugman, but that was when I still thought El Rushbo spoke only the truth. F2U Rio Linda: he doesn’t. In any event, the New Yorker magazine just published a great profile of Krugman the person, which also sheds light on Krugman the (Nobel Prize winning) economist. And buried in that article … Continue reading

Unboxing Kettle Bakes Lightly Salted, 4-Ounce Bags (Pack of 15)

One of the Interweb’s most recently developed art forms is the Unboxing. This is defined by the Urban Dictionary as: The Internet trend of showing photos or video from the unpacking of a retail box of some desirable product, such as the latest laptop or portable music player. Since we try to remain fashion forward, … Continue reading

iPhone Accessory Comes In Flavors

Every once in a while you come across a trick that brings a smile to your lips. I’m smiling now. For those of you who have an iPhone or similar device, there are times when you’d like to go ‘hands-free’. Here I’m not referring to making a call, but watching a video. Turns out there are lots … Continue reading

Seltzer Today, Gone Tomorrow

As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in the Bronx during the 50’s. We had all the modern conveniences. Like Good Humor Ice Cream delivered daily in the summer down at the corner. Served up by the Good Humor Man himself.  Otherwise known as some kid with a summer job, but at the time he … Continue reading

We Made It To Our 100th. Anniversary Post

This is a milestone of sorts, our 100th post at Not A Mystery. And so you probably say, “Big Deal”. Fair enough. Anyway we’ll take some time to review a few of my favorite posts. Here we go: The Big 4011 Is Not A Freeway In LA allowed me to combine two of my life issues: … Continue reading

The Swiss, Blades For Brains

We don’t usually comment on Celebrity Events, but today will be an exception. ZURICH (AP) (Published: September 27, 2009) — Director Roman Polanski was arrested by Swiss police for possible extradition to the United States for having sex in 1977 with a 13-year-old girl, authorities said Sunday. Polanski was flying in to receive an honorary award … Continue reading

Let Them Eat Cake, And Walk It Off

From the UK Telegraph, Prince Charles is urging people to abandon their cars in favour of walking and public transport. I guess if your name starts with “HRH“, you can offer whatever advice comes to mind. The Prince, who has two Jaguars, two Audis, a Range Rover and still drives an Aston Martin given to … Continue reading

Dominick Dunne, And His Several Lives

Timing and Location, Dominick Dunne had them both in spades during his life. But Dunne’s sense of timing failed him at the end. He died the day after Ted Kennedy. [The] spokesman … initially declined to confirm the death, saying the family had hoped to wait a day before making an announcement so that Mr. … Continue reading

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