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Dominick Dunne, And His Several Lives

Timing and Location, Dominick Dunne had them both in spades during his life.

But Dunne’s sense of timing failed him at the end. He died the day after Ted Kennedy.

[The] spokesman … initially declined to confirm the death, saying the family had hoped to wait a day before making an announcement so that Mr. Dunne’s obituary would not be obscured by the coverage of Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s death.

Who was Dominick Dunne anyway? Well, if you’re like me and don’t live in Hollywood, follow Celebrity Trials, or read Vanity Fair magazine, you can still watch “Dominick Dunne, After The Party” and find out.

Dunne DVD

It's All About The Stars

Leslie found this documentary (made in 2008), and we are pleased to award it 5-Stars.

Here’s a short summary of his life from the NY Times Obituary:

Dominick Dunne…gave up producing movies in midlife and reinvented himself as a best-selling author, magazine writer, television personality and reporter whose celebrity often outshone that of his subjects…”

The film is fascinating for its voyeuristic look at behind-the-scenes celebrity and Dunne’s complete openness about his life and personal shortcomings. He presumes to hold very little back, although at times it seems he is pulling a few punches, at least to this reporter. But that just makes him more human.

For more info, here’s the Wikipedia write-up on the film.

And at the end it’s nice to know that even if his timing with Kennedy was a bit off, Dunne lived long enough to see Phil Spector put behind bars for the rest of his life.

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