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Faster Than WikiLeaks: We Scoop The NY Times, Once Again

It’s always nice when we beat the “Grey Lady” to a major story. OK, this isn’t really a major story, but we’ll wallow in the victory of our scoop. Last month we wrote that Cheap Knock-Offs Are Giving Fine Counterfeits A Bad Name. And almost three weeks later, here is the NY Times’ lede paragraph, After … Continue reading

Cheap Knock-Offs Are Giving Fine Counterfeits A Bad Name

Recent events have moved the line between Cheap Knock-Offs and Counterfeit goods. Last week, major UK supermarket chain Tesco was caught in the act of selling what turned out to be a bogus bottle of Louis Jadot Pouilly-Fuissé wine. Danny McGowan bought two bottles of French Louis Jadot Pouilly-Fuisse wine, reduced from £14.49 to a bargain £5. … Continue reading

Hey BP, This Barrel’s For You!

You’d think a barrel would just be a barrel. But no, it turns out that a barrel of oil is 30% smaller than a barrel of wine. F2U Rio Linda a barrel of oil holds 42 gallons, while a barrel of wine holds 60 gallons. I discovered this the other day while standing in front … Continue reading

The Buck Brothers; Two, Four and 6-1/2

These days a cup of coffee can cost more than a bottle of wine. Which is why the “Buck Brothers” have become a household name. 4 Bucks is shorthand for Starbucks, given that the cost of a typical visit can run us $4. 2 Buck Chuck is the Charles Shaw wine that Trader Joe’s sells … Continue reading

Multitasking, Plus Books-On-Servant

This wasn’t going to be a post about multi-tasking, but I got distracted. And then I realized I was…wait for it… multi-tasking! But before we get to multi-tasking, my original purpose was to review an audible.com book. “Audible” books are a great way to spend your time when you are already spending your time. It’s … Continue reading

Can You Say ‘Eat, Drink then Sleep’ in French?

Having researched more deeply into OECD’s Society at a Glance that was the basis for our last post, I am coming to the conclusion that I was born in the wrong country. Is it too late to get French? When they are not on strike, the French spend almost double the time we Americans do … Continue reading

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