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My So Called Life, Now A Re-Run In Hi-Def

TMI (“Too Much Information”) Syndrome now has a Big Brother, and he’s called “Lifelog“. The term Lifelog was coined by Gordon Bell, and it refers to the concept of recording everything you are exposed to every day; and I mean everything. We are on the cusp of realizing the digital equivalent (as I predicted) of the … Continue reading

Doesn’t Take Instruction Well

Things have gotten so bad in the world of written instructions, that when I first saw it I thought this book was for real. That was my bad. Of course we all know that nobody writes technical manuals anymore. Every gadget you buy comes with a ‘Quick Start’ guide, written in pictures. Otherwise known as … Continue reading

Got Expert?

In today’s crazy world we can’t know everything, so we depend on Experts. But it seems to me, that like other things, Expertability is being dumbed down. A number of public figures come to mind, among them, Politicians Cable News Personalities Radio Talk Show Hosts They really are experts in their chosen fields, which is … Continue reading

Virtually Collyer, As We Speak

I never heard of the Collyer Brothers until recently. A regrettable gap in my knowledge-base. Turns out that Disposophobia or ‘Collyer brothers syndrome’, is a fear of throwing anything away. Imagine, being nutty enough to have something named after you. And these brothers certainly achieved nutty enough. They over-achieved actually. They were found dead in … Continue reading

Facebook Is The New Wheaties Box

This post is part of an occasional series on the facets of ODD or Our Digital Daze. Trust me, breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. That bromide was originally a PR stunt promoted by Big Cereal back when Postum was sold as perhaps the world’s first Nutraceutical. In my opinion anyway. … Continue reading

ODD Is The New ADD

I’m coining a new phrase, and remember YHIHF. It’s the digital equivalent of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and I’m calling it Our Digital Daze or ODD for short. The “O” for Our in ODD is meant to signal that this is a societal condition. ODD has a kind  negative connotation because it is (largely) out … Continue reading

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