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Hey BP, This Barrel’s For You!

You’d think a barrel would just be a barrel. But no, it turns out that a barrel of oil is 30% smaller than a barrel of wine. F2U Rio Linda a barrel of oil holds 42 gallons, while a barrel of wine holds 60 gallons. I discovered this the other day while standing in front … Continue reading

NYC Notes: Navigate Like A Native New Yorker With Google Maps

In preparation for our week in NYC I installed a number of travel apps on my iPhone. Even though I grew up in the Bronx, I haven’t really spent much time in NYC since I moved to California after college. And I didn’t want to act like I was from Rio Linda when we hit the … Continue reading

Anniversary Favs And Big Green

Hard as it is (for me) to believe, we began our blog one year ago today. And this is our 178th. post. But who’s counting. In honor of that Anniversary, I’d like to suggest that you check out some of our FAV posts. F2U Rio Linda, FAVS are items that I had the most fun composing, … Continue reading

A Dead Hand Bounce For Our Stock Markets

The good news is that if a catastrophic event destroys mankind our investments will be extremely well managed after we are gone. The bad news is that the computers doing it may be trading for their own accounts instead of ours. This theater of the absurd scenario might be more plausible than you think, and occurred to me last … Continue reading

Stretched For Income? Invest In Gatorade [Bottles]

Get a grip, because I’m about to tell you how to double your money with no risk. While simultaneously bringing new meaning to the phrase, “go green”. Let’s talk recycling. Like me, I’m sure that many of your beer-drinking friends go on about the  hundreds of dollars they ‘make’ by taking their crushed aluminum cans … Continue reading

Guess What, ATT Is The New Material Girl

Last week we noted ATT’s whining about a $1 billion [non-cash] charge they were being forced to take because of Obamacare. In fact the new law just eliminated a 7-year old scam allowing them to ‘double-dip’ by taking a tax deduction on healthcare premiums that were actually being paid (for them) by the government. A … Continue reading

Time To Get Those Heads Out Of The Doggy Bag

Republicans might want to start thinking about who leads their parade. Our enemy is now clearly defined. We know who they are: Anybody with a D beside their name. There’s no moderate Democrat or pro-life Democrat. There’s no Blue Dog, lap dog, hot dog, back dog Democrat. If it’s a D, they are the enemy, … Continue reading

Serfs, Slaves And The Health Care Debate

I wasn’t always a fan of Paul Krugman, but that was when I still thought El Rushbo spoke only the truth. F2U Rio Linda: he doesn’t. In any event, the New Yorker magazine just published a great profile of Krugman the person, which also sheds light on Krugman the (Nobel Prize winning) economist. And buried in that article … Continue reading

Is Big Mac 2010 Still The Gold Standard?

Time flies. It’s the Economist Big Mac Index for 2010. That’s pronounced “Twenty-Ten” F2u Rio Linda. Just to review, The Economist has been publishing their (not so tongue-in-cheek) Big Mac Index since 1986. It’s a reality check on world-wide currency exchange rates, based on the concept of Purchasing-Power Parity. Purchasing-Power Parity (PPP) says that exchange rates are … Continue reading

Wanted, Work-Out Buddy To Replace America’s Pinata

So we’ve reached a milestone of sorts. America’s Pinata and Yours Truly are splitting the sheets. It’s sad but appropriate that I post this on Open Line Friday. After many years of a warm and cozy relationship, we’ve come to the point of irreconcilable differences. This may change down the road, but my long-standing subscription … Continue reading

Big Mac Called Upon To Supplant Dollar as Reserve Currency

We are predicting that The Big Mac will soon be taking on a expanded role in Global Finance as an alternative candidate to the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Not a week goes by now without another Global financial indicator being tied to the Big Mac. You will recall that this all began … Continue reading

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