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Better Than Trump, The Ultimatium Brand

Donald Trump eat your heart out. The Trump Brand is pretty good, but its “sell-by” date is not infinite.

On the other hand, the American chemist Glenn Seaborg and his team at Lawrence Berkeley Lab created a series of “Brands” in the 40’s that will live (literally) forever.

As described in this National Geographic blog post by Robert Krulwich, they got to name their discoveries, and had some fun in the process.

Seaborg and his team had a cyclotron that smashed particles together and so they had an incredible run of discoveries: americium (95), curium (96), berkelium (97), californium (98), einsteinium (99), fermium (100), mendelevium (101), nobelium (102), and finally (and he’s the only guy who got his name on an element while still alive), seaborgium (106).

Better than vanity plates, elements don’t expire or need to be renewed. And the IP is secure, since they will never be copied.

It was said that you could address a letter to Seaborg using only the Brands his team created.

Of course this was before email.


If you have time, read the post which explains why Seaborg assigned the letters “PU” to Plutonium rather than the more obvious “PL”.






2 thoughts on “Better Than Trump, The Ultimatium Brand

  1. Pretty cool stuff…I teach 150 chem students per week, we’re up to #118…Gelberinium anyone?

    Posted by Pretty cool stuff...I teach 150 chem students per week, we're up to #118...Gelberinium anyone? | November 28, 2015, 5:52 pm
  2. Good to see you are back at it. Interesting post.

    Posted by Bob | November 30, 2015, 7:09 am

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