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Big Latte

I was recently surprised to learn from The Economist that a Starbucks Tall Latte sells for the same price as a McDonald’s Big Mac in the USA. $2.80 to be exact, and really I shouldn’t have been surprised. This in The Economist’s latest update on their annual exchange rate survey of PPP, which we’ve written about previously … Continue reading

A Frappuccino To Die For

Many of us are not quite right in the morning until we get our caffeine buzz going. But until recently we weren’t packing guns. That’s all changed now. From the Wall Street Journal we learn that “Starbucks Corp. and some other chain stores in the U.S. are finding themselves caught in the middle of a … Continue reading

The Buck Brothers; Two, Four and 6-1/2

These days a cup of coffee can cost more than a bottle of wine. Which is why the “Buck Brothers” have become a household name. 4 Bucks is shorthand for Starbucks, given that the cost of a typical visit can run us $4. 2 Buck Chuck is the Charles Shaw wine that Trader Joe’s sells … Continue reading

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