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The Buck Brothers; Two, Four and 6-1/2

These days a cup of coffee can cost more than a bottle of wine.

Which is why the “Buck Brothers” have become a household name.

4 Bucks is shorthand for Starbucks, given that the cost of a typical visit can run us $4.

2 Buck Chuck is the Charles Shaw wine that Trader Joe’s sells $2/bottle.

And I thought that was the whole family, but imagine my surprise when I discovered an errant “love child”.

Stick with me on this one for a minute while I try and explain.

In doing a simple image search on Google, looking for a picture of a Chas Shaw bottle of wine, I entered “2 Buck Chuck” into the search box.

Remember that Google is pretty smart, but it’s still just a computer. Anyway, the result of that search was … wait for it …  6-1/2″ Buck Chuck for Hardinge CNC Lathe, which is great if you work in a machine shop, but not so good in a wine bar!

And here we have a third Buck Brother, he looks to be a tall dude, over 6 feet. Actually 6 1/2. And Google picked him out because of the ‘2 Buck Chuck’ embedded in the description!

6-1/2 Buck Chuck


A Great Vintage?

As they say,

On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dogor a Buck Chuck!

For sure.

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2 thoughts on “The Buck Brothers; Two, Four and 6-1/2

  1. Like all business trying to maintain a competitive advantage, google reads notamystery.com – and they’ve fixed it!

    Same thing happened to “white people stole my car”:


    Posted by Matthew | October 28, 2009, 8:48 am

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