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Today’s Low Carb Tip: Flat Iron Steak

Let’s talk about Flat Iron Steak, a fantastic cut of meat I’m ashamed to admit I only discovered recently, and which might offset the hit your household budget will take from De-Sheeting. Traditionally this steak was used strictly for hamburger, but in 2002 some researchers at the Universities of Nebraska and Florida figured out that it … Continue reading

Is It T-Rex, No It’s A Porterhouse

A few weeks ago I alluded to the fact that having switched to a low carb diet several years ago, I’ve become something of a streak steak snob. So just in time for Labor Day, here’s today’s tip, and I’m not talking Tri-Tip. It’s generally agreed that when you visit a fine steakhouse, the cut of … Continue reading

It’s All In The Numbers, And They’re Hiding In Plain Sight

When I find something I like, once is never enough. Depending on your point of view this makes me either a connoisseur or incredibly boring. For example, it’s not that hard to locate a great restaurant, but to find yourself at a table you really enjoy is a stroke of luck and therefore something I’m determined … Continue reading

Next We’ll Be Streaming The Big Mac Index

Talk about fast news cycles. It’s the Economist’s Big Mac Index for 2010 … again! In a sign of these unusually uncertain times The Economist has speeded up their news cycle, and in the process seems to be taking themselves and their index more seriously. Used to be we’d get annual updates to the index, … Continue reading

Seltzer Today, Gone Tomorrow

As I’ve mentioned before, I grew up in the Bronx during the 50’s. We had all the modern conveniences. Like Good Humor Ice Cream delivered daily in the summer down at the corner. Served up by the Good Humor Man himself.  Otherwise known as some kid with a summer job, but at the time he … Continue reading

Starbucks, Lean On Me

Leslie and I are coffee nutters. This is how bad it is. When we travel overseas our first stop is a discount appliance store where we buy a drip-style coffee maker. That way we can make our own really strong morning coffee no matter where we are staying. At the end of our trip we … Continue reading

Hold Those Fries

Walter Cronkite passed away today, so we are down one icon. But thankfully the Economist’s Big Mac Index soldiers on. In a previous post we expressed concern that Big Mac might be supplanted by Big White, but our fears were unfounded. Herewith the latest Index, no ketchup required. Just to review, The Economist has been … Continue reading

On The Other Side Of The Table, That Would Be Me

I know great food. I can’t tell you what it is, but I know it when I eat it. The Supremes would approve. Normally, when people write about food there is a drop-dead gorgeous picture of a serving sitting on the plate. It’s always beautiful and mouth-watering. Blah, blah, beautiful, scrumptous,  juicy, simmering, yummy, whatever! I … Continue reading

The Big 4011 Is Not A Freeway In LA

Traveling in a foreign country teaches you to get familiar with a few key words in the local dialect, especially if you are language-challenged like me. So it’s been natural for me to learn some PLU when I venture out to the grocery store. Especially since PLU’s are just numbers. It’s not that I can … Continue reading

Can You Say ‘Eat, Drink then Sleep’ in French?

Having researched more deeply into OECD’s Society at a Glance that was the basis for our last post, I am coming to the conclusion that I was born in the wrong country. Is it too late to get French? When they are not on strike, the French spend almost double the time we Americans do … Continue reading

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