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This Is Not A Bill

While I can’t say that René Magritte is my favorite artist, several of his works resonate. Of those, the one at the top of my list would be “The Son of Man”, which figures prominently in the film “The Thomas Crown Affair”, and reminds me how I felt when I worked for a living. Next … Continue reading

Wall Street Journal Caught Out With A Sense of Humour

I read the Wall Street Journal every morning. It is a serious publication. Let’s face it, any newspaper that puts all its content behind a high pay wall classifies as serious. And, if you hadn’t noticed, their logo includes a period. Seriously. In spite of that, their writers are not above having fun when composing … Continue reading

Kitchen Confidential

It all started simply enough, with a little yellow sticker offering a 2X Money Back Guarantee. I only noticed the sticker while putting away a bottle of dish washing liquid under my kitchen counter. The storage space was dark but the label beamed brightly at me with a wide smile. There it sat, like a … Continue reading

This Is Much Better, It’s Like I’m Not Here

Great news this week about the Royal Baby, who has been named George Alexander Louis. Henceforth he will be formally known by his full title: His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. A big name for a little guy. But what about his Mum, who is officially the Duchess of Cambridge. The enduring story about Kate was/is … Continue reading

Surprise! Bankers Want To Be My Fcuk Buddy.

During the greatest transfer of wealth from savers to borrowers in history, my banker has a better idea. Instead of depositing my savings in their institutions (for which I get essentially zero interest), they are steering me towards the bank’s common stock, promising several percentage points of yield and price appreciation.

Pynch Me, The Economist Quotes The Onion

Finally, proof positive that the world is going to sh*t. The Economist, to prove a point, has linked to an article in The Onion. The matter of love, literature and taste is a silly minefield—one that often says more about how we brand ourselves than about what is essential for romantic compatibility. Source – The Economist … Continue reading

Faster Than WikiLeaks: We Scoop The NY Times, Once Again

It’s always nice when we beat the “Grey Lady” to a major story. OK, this isn’t really a major story, but we’ll wallow in the victory of our scoop. Last month we wrote that Cheap Knock-Offs Are Giving Fine Counterfeits A Bad Name. And almost three weeks later, here is the NY Times’ lede paragraph, After … Continue reading

Supersized Seats, Coming To A Theater Near You

What do theatre owners and airline executives have in common? Nothing. Well, actually they do both provide their services to seated customers, which should imply some sort of similarity. But in practice nothing of the sort. While the airlines constantly shrink their seats and services, theatre owners at least have a different take on customer … Continue reading

Cheap Knock-Offs Are Giving Fine Counterfeits A Bad Name

Recent events have moved the line between Cheap Knock-Offs and Counterfeit goods. Last week, major UK supermarket chain Tesco was caught in the act of selling what turned out to be a bogus bottle of Louis Jadot Pouilly-Fuissé wine. Danny McGowan bought two bottles of French Louis Jadot Pouilly-Fuisse wine, reduced from £14.49 to a bargain £5. … Continue reading

NYC Notes: Finally, A Wall Street Guy You Can Believe In

No trip to NYC would be complete without a Bagel Schmear. When I was a kid growing up in the Bronx, my Dad would take me to what he called “The Bagel Factory” early on Saturday mornings. I was too young to remember where exactly it was, but I do recall the noise of the ‘elevated’ … Continue reading

Hey BP, This Barrel’s For You!

You’d think a barrel would just be a barrel. But no, it turns out that a barrel of oil is 30% smaller than a barrel of wine. F2U Rio Linda a barrel of oil holds 42 gallons, while a barrel of wine holds 60 gallons. I discovered this the other day while standing in front … Continue reading

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