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Faster Than WikiLeaks: We Scoop The NY Times, Once Again

It’s always nice when we beat the “Grey Lady” to a major story.

OK, this isn’t really a major story, but we’ll wallow in the victory of our scoop.

Last month we wrote that Cheap Knock-Offs Are Giving Fine Counterfeits A Bad Name. And almost three weeks later, here is the NY Times’ lede paragraph,

After years of knocking off luxury products like $2,800 Louis Vuitton handbags, criminals are discovering there is money to be made in faking the more ordinary — like $295 Kooba bags and $140 Ugg boots. In California, the authorities recently seized a shipment of counterfeit Angel Soft toilet paper.


The Times devoted column inches to ho-hum items like sunglasses, sneakers, and handbags.

But Who Really Cares About This Dreck?

Meanwhile, we had already focused on the much more intriguing category of Cheap Plonk.

The Plonk (Left) Even Sports A Photocopied Label

Once again authenticating our taste and sophistication.

To say nothing of news-forward copy.

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