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Muppet Taxpayer Triumphs Over The IRS

[Disclaimer: Since starting up the blog again, my goal has been to avoid posts that ranted against the daily insanity visited upon us by our institutions. But after filing my 2011 taxes that goal has been set aside for today.] This from my inbox, where I am being Congratufuckinglated for having the IRS Accept my … Continue reading

Respect For The US Senate, Now An Oxymoron

As we approach April 15th., otherwise known as Tax Day, it’s time once again to mention the staggering corruption of the US Senate, the world’s ‘greatest deliberative body’. For well over three years (!) there has been an attempt to get rid of a loophole in the tax code granting hedge fund managers a lower … Continue reading

A Great Tax Idea Whose Time Hasn’t Come, Yet

A few years ago when talking with a Brit friend I learned that the UK’s equivalent of our IRS, known as the Inland Revenue, filled out his tax returns automatically without even asking his permission. Wow, I thought, this is socialism to the extreme! But when you think about it for a second, perhaps it’s … Continue reading

For Labor Day, How About $3.50 per Gallon…In Taxes.

Last week the Economist published OECD data showing the change in gas taxes for a number of countries. As you can see, the jump in taxes for some countries is pretty astounding. I‘ve always admired the Economist’s data presentations, so I decided to see how difficult it is to duplicate their techniques. So I started … Continue reading

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