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Muppet Taxpayer Triumphs Over The IRS

[Disclaimer: Since starting up the blog again, my goal has been to avoid posts that ranted against the daily insanity visited upon us by our institutions. But after filing my 2011 taxes that goal has been set aside for today.]

This from my inbox, where I am being Congratufuckinglated for having the IRS Accept my return.

But let’s be careful to not shoot the messenger. During the Tax Season TurboTax is my God. It stands beside me against the steaming pile of excrement that is the US Tax Code. It is my Wingman, my Band of Brothers, my Joan of Arc, my John Galt.

Why are we beside ourselves with pride that we have persevered against the IRS and gotten them to accept our return? It’s because their computers have all the ‘correct’ answers to the quiz, and it’s our job to match our numbers with theirs. Which is not simple. So when we succeed, congratulations really are in order.

I am totally chuffed.



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