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All Apple Music Needs Is A Kitchen Sink

Last year Tim Cook disparaged Microsoft’s effort to merge its tablet and desktop products, saying: “You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those aren’t going to be pleasing to the user.” Tim, I love you, but a toaster-fridge would be more pleasing to me than the current controls on Apple’s Music App. Here’s one example that … Continue reading

Hiding In Plain Site, And Coming To A URL Near You

In spite of myself, I think this latest meme is kinda neat. As reported by the NY Times, in-jokes are now getting stuffed into the URL of the websites you visit. The Internet is at peak saturation, and news sites and popular blogs are toiling to leverage every possible piece of web real estate to capture readers’ … Continue reading

It’s All In The Numbers, And They’re Hiding In Plain Sight

When I find something I like, once is never enough. Depending on your point of view this makes me either a connoisseur or incredibly boring. For example, it’s not that hard to locate a great restaurant, but to find yourself at a table you really enjoy is a stroke of luck and therefore something I’m determined … Continue reading

The “New” iPad Is Out, What Do We Arm Ourselves With Next?

With the release of the iPad this month, and Apple’s market cap now above half a trillion dollars, it’s natural to kick yourself for not investing with them a year ago. But, there are stocks that have delivered even better returns than Apple.

Supersized Seats, Coming To A Theater Near You

What do theatre owners and airline executives have in common? Nothing. Well, actually they do both provide their services to seated customers, which should imply some sort of similarity. But in practice nothing of the sort. While the airlines constantly shrink their seats and services, theatre owners at least have a different take on customer … Continue reading

Only Us Fools

Today a quick intermission from our NYC Notes. Deborah Solomon interviewing Christopher Hitchens about his just-published memoir. Did you write the book for money? Of course, I do everything for money. Dr. Johnson is correct when he says that only a fool writes for anything but money. It would be useful to keep a diary, … Continue reading

Spring Is Almost Here, Don’t Worry Be Happy

I’m really not a cranky old man, but sometimes I stray close to the line. It’s not my fault. The world, and Republicans, make me do it. So today a happy post. Spring is coming, birds are nesting and it’s time for renewal. We live in a community with lots of open space, which requires … Continue reading

Planted In Front Of The TV

Here’s a provocative thought, and certainly one that hadn’t occurred to me, So if your children are supposedly vegetating in front of the television when they watch it for hours, what happens when you show television to vegetables? Jon Keats, a self-described experimental philosopher, has set up an exhibition in NYC purporting to explore just that question. He’s filmed … Continue reading

‘Twas The Floss Before Christmas

Our suggestion for that Romantic Evening during the Holidays features your iPhone, the (free) Eternal Fire App, and most important, a pack of Johnson & Johnson Reach Ultraclean dental floss. Floss? As we’ve reported before, this particular floss serves as the perfect iPhone stand, so you can put your feet up in front of a roaring … Continue reading

Watt About The Plugs And Wires?

It’s really not about the power. But everyone thinks it is. From the NY Times we have hand-wringing over the population of electricity gobbling gadgets. The proliferation of personal computers, iPods, cellphones, game consoles and all the rest amounts to the fastest-growing source of power demand in the world. Americans now have about 25 consumer electronic … Continue reading

Dominick Dunne, And His Several Lives

Timing and Location, Dominick Dunne had them both in spades during his life. But Dunne’s sense of timing failed him at the end. He died the day after Ted Kennedy. [The] spokesman … initially declined to confirm the death, saying the family had hoped to wait a day before making an announcement so that Mr. … Continue reading

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