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The “New” iPad Is Out, What Do We Arm Ourselves With Next?

With the release of the iPad this month, and Apple’s market cap now above half a trillion dollars, it’s natural to kick yourself for not investing with them a year ago. But, there are stocks that have delivered even better returns than Apple.

Among my personal favorites is Sturm, Ruger & Company (NYSE: RGR) who, unlike Apple, manufacture their product in the USA. In fact they manufacture so much of it, they have stopped taking orders for the next few months so they can catch up with production.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Better yet, to my way of thinking, in this case President Obama can take credit for the health of their business.

America is arming itself to the teeth.  Ruger has had to suspend new orders after taking orders of over 1 million guns in the first three months of 2012 alone.  People are buying guns and ammo by quite literally by the truck load in anticipation of an election year that many individuals fear to tread on their Second Amendment rights.  Gun enthusiasts fear that President Obama is heading for a reelection, after which could mean tighter restriction regarding ownership and possession of a firearm.  The same fear was prevalent in 2008-2009 after Obama initially won the presidency.

– Motley Fool  3/23/12

All is not lost for Apple.

When we put out the rumor that Obama is  going to take away all of our iPads when he gets re-elected, the sky is the limit.



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