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First or Second Amendment Protection, Take Your Pick

An article in today’s NY Times reported on violence at a recent Donald Trump rally, with clashes between Trump supporters and protestors. When I first glanced at this picture, I thought these guys were holding cans of pepper spray, or tasers. But closer inspection shows no less than 6 cellphones, all locked and loaded. Cellphones … Continue reading

Better Than Trump, The Ultimatium Brand

Donald Trump eat your heart out. The Trump Brand is pretty good, but its “sell-by” date is not infinite. On the other hand, the American chemist Glenn Seaborg and his team at Lawrence Berkeley Lab created a series of “Brands” in the 40’s that will live (literally) forever. As described in this National Geographic blog post by Robert Krulwich, they … Continue reading

With Apologies to Karl Popper

  Minimalist Signage or Performance Art?   We think the elevator will go to all other floors, but we don’t really know. See also “The Black Swan” by Nassim Nicholos Taleb.

Wow, So I’m A “Guest”?

I’ve had glimpses of alternate reality before, but this morning’s peek was truly frightening. A spokesman for one of our major airlines referred to their customers as “guests“. All I can say is, I will have whatever he’s having…  

Wall Street Journal Caught Out With A Sense of Humour

I read the Wall Street Journal every morning. It is a serious publication. Let’s face it, any newspaper that puts all its content behind a high pay wall classifies as serious. And, if you hadn’t noticed, their logo includes a period. Seriously. In spite of that, their writers are not above having fun when composing … Continue reading

Reaching Out With Superpowers

For once I hope I’m wrong, but there seems to be a new meme out there that is gaining traction, known as the Superpower. Now traditionally the term Superpower is reserved for countries having (lots of) nuclear weapons, or for a comic book character that can leap tall buildings. But in its current incarnation Superpower merely refers to … Continue reading

Just In Time For Towel Day, It’s Exoplanets

Today a serious scientific discussion of ‘exo-planets’, but first a quick reminder about Towel Day, which is just around the corner. Towel Day is celebrated every year on 25 May as a tribute to the author Douglas Adams by his fans. On this day, fans carry a towel with them to demonstrate their appreciation for the … Continue reading

This “L” Train Doesn’t Go To Brooklyn

Why, oh why, did John Paulson sit down for an interview with Businessweek magazine? Here’s a guy who became a financial legend by betting against subprime mortgages before the market collapsed in 2007, netting his investors $15 billion while putting almost $4 billion in his own pocket. And historically he’s kept a very low profile. “I … Continue reading

The “New” iPad Is Out, What Do We Arm Ourselves With Next?

With the release of the iPad this month, and Apple’s market cap now above half a trillion dollars, it’s natural to kick yourself for not investing with them a year ago. But, there are stocks that have delivered even better returns than Apple.

NYC Notes: Finally, A Wall Street Guy You Can Believe In

No trip to NYC would be complete without a Bagel Schmear. When I was a kid growing up in the Bronx, my Dad would take me to what he called “The Bagel Factory” early on Saturday mornings. I was too young to remember where exactly it was, but I do recall the noise of the ‘elevated’ … Continue reading

USA Manufacturing, Getting Our Groove Back In A Smallish Way

I revel in a good day every so often, as an attempt to avoid morphing into a grumpy old man. Recently I went to Lowe’s home Improvement Center with the goal of purchasing a “Shrub Rake”. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a shrub rake before I got there, I was just … Continue reading

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