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Now Sharing Our Desktop Pictures

It’s important to find a niche where you can excel.

And when it comes to photography my niche is pretty small.

I specialize in pictures for your computer’s desktop;  they are (just a little) harder to create than you might think. Because you need to frame and expose them so that the icons on your desktop still show up against the background without giving you a headache.

Anyway, for your computer’s enjoyment, here are three to share. But first some explanation.

To look just right they need to be the same size as your computer screen in pixels. OMG. This is beyond what I can explain here, so I will offer up the pictures with very brief info and you will either know what to do, or bribe your neighborhood teenager.

The images just below on this page are sized for a netbook, 1024 x 600 pixels. You can save them directly from the image by right-clicking if you have a PC, or something like that if you have a Mac.

For larger screens scroll down the right side of this page to the Box titled “My Shared Files”. This downloads images sized for 22 inch monitors, 1680 x 1050 pixels.

For anything in between, download the large image and then resize it for your particular desktop or laptop display, preserving the ‘aspect ratio’ so they don’t get distorted.

Right Click or Equivalent to Download

Point Lobos State Reserve, South of Carmel, California

Right Click or Equivalent to Download

Ocean Ripples on the Mendocino Coast, Northern California


Coastline South of Fort Bragg, Northern California




2 thoughts on “Now Sharing Our Desktop Pictures

  1. We have a vacation rental south of Mendocino (above) and would like to use your photos of ocean ripples and ft bragg sunset if that’s alright. Thanks so much.

    Peter and Molly

    Posted by Peter Anderson & Molly Plunkett | July 1, 2010, 3:49 pm

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