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Blog Tips – Staying Up-To-Date

If you like our blog, there are several ways to stay Up-To-Date.

  • Subscribe to an RSS Feed Using a Reader – Setting up an RSS Feed with a Reader takes a bit of effort, but once set up it’s a huge time saver if you are following more than one site/blog. We recommend Google Reader.
    1. How-To Instructions.
  • Add an RSS Feed to your current Home Page – You can add an RSS Feed to your customized Google or Yahoo home page. All you need is the feed address. This is best for people who are only following a few blogs or websites.
    1. How-To Instructions.
  • Follow us on Twitter – Whenever we put up a new post, we also Tweet about the post. We include a link to the particular post so you can just click and go directly to the blog.
    1. Follow on Twitter.


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