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A Day Late, And A Dollar Sarko’d

On Monday we speculated that McDonald’s Big Mac would come to replace our Dollar as the world’s premier reserve currency. Then on Tuesday The Wall Street Journal ledes their Money & Investing Section with: Decades from now, the crisis of 2008 mightn’t be remembered as the last days of Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers, but as the … Continue reading

Big Mac Called Upon To Supplant Dollar as Reserve Currency

We are predicting that The Big Mac will soon be taking on a expanded role in Global Finance as an alternative candidate to the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency. Not a week goes by now without another Global financial indicator being tied to the Big Mac. You will recall that this all began … Continue reading

Ask (The Right Question) And Ye Shall Receive, Maybe

One lesson I’ve learned over the years is to ask the right question. Which is not what’s happening these days as politicians wring their hands over the huge pay packages being granted by financial firms that have been bailed out by the government. They’ve even appointed a Pay Czar. Give me a break. The right … Continue reading

ODD Is The New ADD

I’m coining a new phrase, and remember YHIHF. It’s the digital equivalent of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and I’m calling it Our Digital Daze or ODD for short. The “O” for Our in ODD is meant to signal that this is a societal condition. ODD has a kind  negative connotation because it is (largely) out … Continue reading

You Book Publishers Think You Are Sooo Intellectual

In a previous post we brought you up to speed on what passes for strategic thinking in the book publishing world regarding electronic editions. Instead of working with distributors like Amazon (Kindle) to develop new business models, the publishers have been screwing their partners by forcing them to sell e-books at a loss, while they increase … Continue reading

Let’s Get Stupid

And I thought the people who publish books were a whole lot smarter than the people who publish music. My Bad! The recent product recall of George Orwell’s 1984 from those Amazon Kindles showed us that anybody can get wrapped up in their DRM underwear. But everyone is getting their panties in a bunch over … Continue reading

Tasked, Mashed, Hacked. And The Winner Is…

I’ve been trying to simplify my so called life since I retired. At this point I’m looking failure directly in the eye. But there is always the hope that simplicity will find us. Take a look at this painting by Rene Maggritte. Simple. Which brings me to the topics of Multi-Tasking, Mash-Ups and Life Hacks, … Continue reading

Yet Another (Pitiful) Reason To Blog

It came as a surprise to me that doing Art might have healing powers. When I shared this insight with Leslie I got the “you pitiful creature” look. And what else should I have expected from a full time artist? Dunno. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to spread it around. Most of the people who read … Continue reading

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