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ODD Is The New ADD

I’m coining a new phrase, and remember YHIHF.


ODD Is The New ADD

It’s the digital equivalent of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), and I’m calling it Our Digital Daze or ODD for short. The “O” for Our in ODD is meant to signal that this is a societal condition. ODD has a kind  negative connotation because it is (largely) out of our control.

To balance ODD I’m going to create another term, which I’ll call Our Digital Lives or ODL. The “L” for Lives says that there is also a positive side to the digital world, and that’s captured in ODL. ODL has a kind of positive connotation because it is (largely) within our control

Ying / Yang, whatever.

Because ODD / ODL is so rich in possibility, there will be a number of acronyms that go along with it:

  • MDD /MDL  and “M” signifies My as in My Digital Daze.
  • GDD / GDL  and “G” signifies Get, as in Get A Digital Life.
  • YDD / YDL and “Y” signifies Your, as in Your Digital Daze.

You get the idea, feel free to make up your own and add to the list.

My plan is an occasional series of posts examining facets of ODD.

I know this wasn’t a particularily entertaining post, but you have to start somewhere. It’s like President Obama’s talk about Health Care Reform.

Stay tuned, digitally that is.



3 thoughts on “ODD Is The New ADD

  1. very entertaining — I will definitely stay tuned

    Posted by davis | August 10, 2009, 8:48 am


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