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Life Hack: Blow Don’t Suck

I’ve been brainwashed for the past 40 years, but today the lights came on and the world is a happier place. If you look at the picture below you’ll see my Shop Vac and my Leaf Blower. Being a simple person, my assumption was that the former was to be used in the shop and … Continue reading

Tip: How To Make AT&T Trouble Free!

I received this offer from AT&T today. As Julia Roberts said to Rufus (The Thief) in “Notting Hill” when he asked for a date, Tempting, but no. Since I had recently experienced AT&T’s “Troubleshoot and Resolve” up close and personal, I know first-hand that I get better answers from Siri when she ‘can’t connect’ to her … Continue reading

Let’s All Just Get Small And Mobile

Great news for NotAMysterians with smart-phone addled brains (like me). Not A Mystery works perfectly on mobiles! Kind of takes your breath away, n’est-ce pas? How do they do that you might wonder? I’ll go with this saying: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke, “Profiles of The Future”, 1961 Actually … Continue reading

Rupert’s Hors D’œuvre Are Free, But Not Yet The Lunch

This morning there is (for me) one less mystery in the world. What’s emerged from Rupert Murdoch’s recent complaints about Google Search is the existance of a “First Click Free” deal between News Corp. and Google. Mr. Murdoch, who is arguably the most powerful person in media today, has been insisting that Google ‘steals’ his … Continue reading

Thanks For Sharing, It’s Really Not TMI

This is part geek time-out, and part public service announcement. We’ve add a neat feature to our blog, and want to explain how it works. It’s now appearing on thousands of other sites and blogs, so understanding it can save you a lot of time no matter where you are if you see that “Share” … Continue reading

Once The Ship Lifts, All Bills Are Paid

The Credit Card guys have a bunch of algorithms to spot fraud. Supposedly, a sure-fire way to set off alarm bells a few years ago were these charges: A gas tank fillup. Another gas tank fillup. A charge at a Sporting Goods store. The idea was that the stolen card is first used to fill … Continue reading

It’s Not Gambling, It’s Sophisticated Investing. Right.

A recent sting operation perpetuated on several Big City Banks by a smallish Hedge Fund puts my Schadenfreude Meter off the scales. This one feels even better than a vicious lawyer joke. Let’s see if I can explain what they did. [Note: the following narrative is based on an article in the Wall Street Journal … Continue reading

All Bog Reading Tips Combined

This post combines our series of tutorials for people new to blogs. Because blogs look like a normal website, but work in some counter intuitive ways, it can be a bit confusing for newbies. Hopefully these Tips will help get you up to speed.

Blog Tips – Staying Up-To-Date

If you like our blog, there are several ways to stay Up-To-Date. Subscribe to an RSS Feed Using a Reader – Setting up an RSS Feed with a Reader takes a bit of effort, but once set up it’s a huge time saver if you are following more than one site/blog. We recommend Google Reader. … Continue reading

Blog Tips – Be Careful What You Ask For

Good news, today was the last Tip, tomorrow we will get back to the serious business of serious blogging, and all questions from that point can be answered with a simple link to the archived Tips. Whoohoo! I’m trying to simplify my so-called life.

Blog Tips – Part IVa RSS Feeds On Your Home Page

If you only want to follow a small number of blogs or feeds you can add them to your home page with just a few clicks. Before we start you need to get the address of the RSS feed. For Bob’s Blog you will enter “http://www.notamystery.com/feed/” without the quotes. For Leslie’s Blog you will enter … Continue reading

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