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Life Hack: Blow Don’t Suck

I’ve been brainwashed for the past 40 years, but today the lights came on and the world is a happier place.

If you look at the picture below you’ll see my Shop Vac and my Leaf Blower. Being a simple person, my assumption was that the former was to be used in the shop and the latter was to be used outside. And that’s the path I’ve marched down lo’ these many years.

I’ve always used the Shop Vac to clean up my garage (shop). I’ve always used the Leaf Blower to clean up leaves from sidewalks and driveways. Never questioned that division of labor.

The only problem is that the Shop Vac is a total pain in the butt to use in the garage. The hose tangles, you never have the right attachment to get behind and between all the crap cluttering the garage floor. Disaster.


Thinking Outside the box.
Use the Leaf Blower Inside the Shop.

Today I discovered that if I use the Leaf Blower to clean the garage instead of the Shop Vac it completely eliminates all the hassle. No attachments, no tangled cords. Just open the garage doors and blow everything out into the driveway. Instead of 30 minutes of contortions with hoses and attachment, 3 minutes of whoosh, and I’m done.

So is this a teaching moment? How many other ‘labels’ do we encounter that limit our thinking?

Once again, we report, you decide.



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