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A Very Serious Look At “Assistance”

My father’s name was Jack. When I hear someone say “You don’t know Jack”, I think of him. This coming Saturday, HBO will air a film starring Al Pacino titled, “You Don’t Know Jack”. But it’s not about my dad, it’s the story of Dr. Jack Kervorkian and the end-of-life debate. Last week Anderson Cooper … Continue reading

It’s Always Nice To Be At The Top Of The Charts

It’s alway nice to be Number 1. For example, I’m terrifically proud that I purchased my current home at the absolute peak of the real estate bubble. And I feel equally puffed up over this chart from the Economist showing that we in the US are supporting Big Pharma in their quest for profits. Shame on those Health … Continue reading

Waiter, There’s A Tie In My Soup

With H1N1 germs floating around, everyone is getting clean these days, or at least trying to. It’s stressful though, trying to stay clean with so many ways to get contaminated. I worries me. So for example, what should I worry the most about, Dirty money? Contaminated food? Doctor’s ties? It’s a tough call. I used … Continue reading

Wanted, Work-Out Buddy To Replace America’s Pinata

So we’ve reached a milestone of sorts. America’s Pinata and Yours Truly are splitting the sheets. It’s sad but appropriate that I post this on Open Line Friday. After many years of a warm and cozy relationship, we’ve come to the point of irreconcilable differences. This may change down the road, but my long-standing subscription … Continue reading

Starbucks, Lean On Me

Leslie and I are coffee nutters. This is how bad it is. When we travel overseas our first stop is a discount appliance store where we buy a drip-style coffee maker. That way we can make our own really strong morning coffee no matter where we are staying. At the end of our trip we … Continue reading

Yet Another (Pitiful) Reason To Blog

It came as a surprise to me that doing Art might have healing powers. When I shared this insight with Leslie I got the “you pitiful creature” look. And what else should I have expected from a full time artist? Dunno. Nevertheless, I feel compelled to spread it around. Most of the people who read … Continue reading

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