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All Apple Music Needs Is A Kitchen Sink

Last year Tim Cook disparaged Microsoft’s effort to merge its tablet and desktop products, saying:

“You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those aren’t going to be pleasing to the user.”

Tim, I love you, but a toaster-fridge would be more pleasing to me than the current controls on Apple’s Music App.

Apple Music Player

Steampunk Radio, Less Confusing Than Apple Music


Oh, so THAT’s how it works.

Here’s one example that brought me to my knees for a few days.

As long as your Apple Music subscription is active you can download songs or albums for listening while you are ‘off line’, say when working out, or on a plane. To initiate the download you click on a cloud icon with a down-pointing arrow. But… sometimes the icon is there, and other times it’s not there.

After many, many Google searches I discover that, wait for it, you must first add the track or album to your music collection and only then can you download it.

In my own pathetic case I had a playlist which included one Bruce Springsteen song. Later when I tried to download that entire Springsteen album the only track that would download was that one track from the playlist, all the rest refused to download.

Solution? Open the album, click on the “+” icon to add the entire album to your collection, then presto all the tracks now can be downloaded.

About as intuitive as working a toaster-fridge.

P.S. Full disclosure, long AAPL, you should be too.



One thought on “All Apple Music Needs Is A Kitchen Sink

  1. I am 250 pages into a 900 page book on how to go from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I am not feeling that sorry for you. Synopsis of the entire book is: Don’t bother. Just go buy a Mac B
    ook Pro and be done with it. But I love to suffer so…

    Posted by Bob | December 28, 2015, 3:37 am

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