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Thanks For Sharing, It’s Really Not TMI

This is part geek time-out, and part public service announcement.

We’ve add a neat feature to our blog, and want to explain how it works. It’s now appearing on thousands of other sites and blogs, so understanding it can save you a lot of time no matter where you are if you see that “Share” link.

And as we’ve said before, we are into time saving ideas.

The service is provided by a site called AddThis and if you look in the right column on this page you will see the button that accesses their features. Although the button is labeled “Share” it does much more than that, in fact there are so many functions it’s hard to capture with a simple label.


The button gives access to over 150 different services, and that list is growing. So for example you can use the button to:

  • Create a Tweet linked to a blog post directly from your Twitter account,
  • eMail a link to a blog post with your choice of email clients,
  • Add a blog post to Facebook, Digg, LinkedIn, etc. etc.
  • Create a new item in your Evernote account,
  • Print the post on your printer,
  • Creat a .pdf file of the post,
  • And the list goes on and on…

After you click the button you will see this box which allows you to scroll thru all the available services and pick the one you want to use. (Tip: if you choose to eMail, you have the choice to use your own account at AOL, Yahoo, Google, or Hotmail which is an additional time-saver.)


That’s all there is to it, click away and give it a try.

Tip Note: If you have some time on your hands (anyone?), an excellent companion post to read is our Blog Tips on “Landing and Leaving“, which is particularly relevant when you are sharing information on any blog (not just ours).  At this point I  think an even better title for that lesson would have been “Wherever You Go, There You Are”, but what’s done is done.

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One thought on “Thanks For Sharing, It’s Really Not TMI

  1. Poindexter = 222
    Bob = 223
    Bob > Poindexter

    Posted by Matthew | October 1, 2009, 7:13 pm

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