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And When Pigs Can Fly, Multi-Tasking Will Be Safer Than Driving

Question: What has Big Auto learned from Big Tobacco? Answer: Nothing. We now know that Big Tobacco knew of the addictive and harmful medical properties of cigarettes for years but kept that knowledge secret, while publicly denying the facts. That story didn’t have a happy ending for either the Tobacco Industry or their customers. The only … Continue reading

Thanks For Sharing, It’s Really Not TMI

This is part geek time-out, and part public service announcement. We’ve add a neat feature to our blog, and want to explain how it works. It’s now appearing on thousands of other sites and blogs, so understanding it can save you a lot of time no matter where you are if you see that “Share” … Continue reading

Facebook Is The New Wheaties Box

This post is part of an occasional series on the facets of ODD or Our Digital Daze. Trust me, breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. That bromide was originally a PR stunt promoted by Big Cereal back when Postum was sold as perhaps the world’s first Nutraceutical. In my opinion anyway. … Continue reading

Chicken or Beef? Nope, Hand Me The Vacuum.

Leslie and I have an agreement on the division of labour. I stay out of the kitchen, and she stays out of the cleaning supplies. Here I am, in my cleaning-the-house outfit. There is once small problem however. When I’m dolled up, and the vacuum is screaming, I can’t hear the Podcasts on my MP3 player. … Continue reading

Tasked, Mashed, Hacked. And The Winner Is…

I’ve been trying to simplify my so called life since I retired. At this point I’m looking failure directly in the eye. But there is always the hope that simplicity will find us. Take a look at this painting by Rene Maggritte. Simple. Which brings me to the topics of Multi-Tasking, Mash-Ups and Life Hacks, … Continue reading

Multitasking, Plus Books-On-Servant

This wasn’t going to be a post about multi-tasking, but I got distracted. And then I realized I was…wait for it… multi-tasking! But before we get to multi-tasking, my original purpose was to review an audible.com book. “Audible” books are a great way to spend your time when you are already spending your time. It’s … Continue reading

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