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To Bundle Or Not To Bundle, That Is The Question

Airlines and Cable Networks, two of our most popular industries today. If you ignore the Banks. Sign up for Cable and you get more channels than you need or want. You’ve been bundled. Get on an Airline and nothing is included in the price of your ticket. You’ve been unbundled. And yet, as a consumer, … Continue reading

Airlines Will Run Out Of Fees, But Only When Pigs Can Fly

It is entirely possible that Airlines will soon revoke the law of diminishing returns. And I’m not talking about their profits, but instead their ability to come up with new ways to tack on charges. United Airlines has just begun to offer a new ‘service’, which they’ve dubbed Premier Line. Board the airplane sooner and get earlier … Continue reading

Supersized Seats, Coming To A Theater Near You

What do theatre owners and airline executives have in common? Nothing. Well, actually they do both provide their services to seated customers, which should imply some sort of similarity. But in practice nothing of the sort. While the airlines constantly shrink their seats and services, theatre owners at least have a different take on customer … Continue reading

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