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Mini Kiss Is Definitely Not A New Flavor Of “Air Kiss”

Sometimes odd facts can impress people. Every once in a while I give it a shot. When I was Skyping with Matthew last week I casually mentioned  that during WWII the production line for B-24 Bombers at “The Run” (a production line set up by Henry Ford 34 miles SE of Detroit along a creek … Continue reading

Wanted, Work-Out Buddy To Replace America’s Pinata

So we’ve reached a milestone of sorts. America’s Pinata and Yours Truly are splitting the sheets. It’s sad but appropriate that I post this on Open Line Friday. After many years of a warm and cozy relationship, we’ve come to the point of irreconcilable differences. This may change down the road, but my long-standing subscription … Continue reading

Is The Big Mac Index A Few Fries Short Of A Happy Meal?

It’s a good thing that we have correspondents on the ground around the world. As you know we have been tracking the Big Mac Index (BMI) for quite some time because we believe it will become the lynch-pin (sic) for the new Global Reserve Currency. Click this link for a list of posts. Data for … Continue reading

Can A Half Be Better Than A Whole?

Here’s a painting by Rene Maggritte which we’ve used to illustrate simplicity. The more complete explanation of the work is: It’s Not A Pipe, It’s A Painting Of A Pipe. And now a painting by Matthew with Maggritte as inspiration. What he’s drawn is a half-pipe used by snow boarders (and skate boarders)  in competition. I … Continue reading

What The Flock?

I guess I completely missed the 80’s. I know for sure I missed the 60’s, but I came by that honestly; as in “if you remember the 60’s you weren’t there.” So imagine the surprise when my son Matthew told me he found a really great T-Shirt featuring a Flock of Gulls. He pointed me … Continue reading

It’s Not Gambling, It’s Sophisticated Investing. Right.

A recent sting operation perpetuated on several Big City Banks by a smallish Hedge Fund puts my Schadenfreude Meter off the scales. This one feels even better than a vicious lawyer joke. Let’s see if I can explain what they did. [Note: the following narrative is based on an article in the Wall Street Journal … Continue reading

Eco-Tourism Was So 1990’s

We’ve gotten comfortable with Eco-Tourism, and now have another great phrase entering the lexicon: “Terror Tourism”. Today we’re visiting Mumbai, six months after the attacks, thru the reporting of the Financial Times. Farhan Jehani, co-owner of Leopold Café, said business could not be better as he pointed out the bullet and grenade marks the managers … Continue reading

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