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Eco-Tourism Was So 1990’s

We’ve gotten comfortable with Eco-Tourism, and now have another great phrase entering the lexicon: “Terror Tourism”. Today we’re visiting Mumbai, six months after the attacks, thru the reporting of the Financial Times.

Farhan Jehani, co-owner of Leopold Café, said business could not be better as he pointed out the bullet and grenade marks the managers have purposely retained on the café’s walls in remembrance of the incident. “Leopold’s . . . has become more famous now following this incident [the attacks], no doubt,” he said.

Street hawkers operating around Nariman House, which is near Leopold’s and the Taj, say it has also become a tourist attraction.

“There is also a bus service that takes tourists there,” said Imran Khan, a street vendor who sells replica watches, jewellery and stickers not far from Nariman House. “So in a way it has become good for us, business-wise, after the attack.”

They used to be just a Café, now Leopold’s is a destination.

Business is Good

Business is Good

Come see our bullet holes!

It's A Tourist Destination Now

It's A Tourist Destination Now

But hey, if it’s bullet holes you want, let’s try Bosnia. My son, Matthew, took this picture in Mostar, Bosnia and he was just an ordinary tourist, way back in ’07.

Bullet Holes? We Don't Need Your Stinking Bullet Holes.

Bullet Holes? We Don't Need Your Stinking Bullet Holes.

So what’s the point? Pick your favorite.

  • People are callous and stupid,
  • Disneyland is becoming disintermediated,
  • Life goes on.

I guess I pick the last one, that’s why I filed this post under Angst.

Shameless plug: If you like the picture, thank Matthew by going to his website www.treasuredfinds.com and purchasing a gift for Dad on Father’s Day.



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