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We Are All PIN-Heads, If You Believe The Bankers

After a series of ever more serious data breaches, and millions of identities stolen, the banking industry promised to introduce credit cards with advanced security features this year. Just Another Fantasy. Turns out that instead of introducing ‘Chip and PIN’, they are going with ‘Chip and Signature’. Which may sound equally secure, but is in fact, a real meh. As reported … Continue reading

Are You Facebook’s Bitch?

No. This blog post is not about the recent revelation that Facebook tweeked news feeds to see if that would change user emotions. Compared to what we read about in the real world every day, that would have about as much impact as peeing in the ocean. Rather, we are here to discuss another ‘experiment’ brought … Continue reading

Not Their Finest Hour

It’s about f*cking time. Yesterday, only 60 years after he was harassed by the British government into taking his own life, Alan Turing received a formal pardon from Queen Elizabeth II for his conviction in 1952 on charges of homosexuality, which at the time was a criminal offense in Britain. It’s difficult to find a … Continue reading

Kitchen Confidential

It all started simply enough, with a little yellow sticker offering a 2X Money Back Guarantee. I only noticed the sticker while putting away a bottle of dish washing liquid under my kitchen counter. The storage space was dark but the label beamed brightly at me with a wide smile. There it sat, like a … Continue reading

It’s Never Too Late To Be Googled: A Procrastinator’s Delight

I thought that “The End of The World as We Know It” had already taken place earlier this year. And I was right of course, but for the wrong reason. Silly me. “Googled” by Ken Auletta, does describe the end of the world as we know it. But it’s not a financial meltdown, it’s a media … Continue reading

Waiter, There’s A Tie In My Soup

With H1N1 germs floating around, everyone is getting clean these days, or at least trying to. It’s stressful though, trying to stay clean with so many ways to get contaminated. I worries me. So for example, what should I worry the most about, Dirty money? Contaminated food? Doctor’s ties? It’s a tough call. I used … Continue reading

Question? That’s Not A Question. Now THIS Is A Question.

I pretty much always learn things the hard way, consoling myself with the hope that this time I’ll really remember the lesson. Since, statistically speaking, I’m older than the average blog reader I thought I’d pass along some of this hard-earned wisdom. Today’s lesson is to remember and try to Always Ask The Right Question. I’ve discovered … Continue reading

Dead Simple

A reliable source has told me that my last few posts have been too convoluted. He said to get simple. OK, here we go. The question burning in your mind is whether a bird can outrun bird-shot? And the answer would be, No. But some do better than others. Here is your chart from The … Continue reading

The Big 4011 Is Not A Freeway In LA

Traveling in a foreign country teaches you to get familiar with a few key words in the local dialect, especially if you are language-challenged like me. So it’s been natural for me to learn some PLU when I venture out to the grocery store. Especially since PLU’s are just numbers. It’s not that I can … Continue reading

Eco-Tourism Was So 1990’s

We’ve gotten comfortable with Eco-Tourism, and now have another great phrase entering the lexicon: “Terror Tourism”. Today we’re visiting Mumbai, six months after the attacks, thru the reporting of the Financial Times. Farhan Jehani, co-owner of Leopold Café, said business could not be better as he pointed out the bullet and grenade marks the managers … Continue reading

Loose Nukes Need Some DRM

Pakistan has the world’s attention with the threat that one of their Nukes might get into the wrong hands. There’s a concern that they are not properly ‘locked up’ or ‘secured’ like those in the west. It may be time to bring in the really heavy guns. We could recruit the music and movie industry … Continue reading

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