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All Bog Reading Tips Combined

This post combines our series of tutorials for people new to blogs. Because blogs look like a normal website, but work in some counter intuitive ways, it can be a bit confusing for newbies. Hopefully these Tips will help get you up to speed.

Blog Tips – Staying Up-To-Date

If you like our blog, there are several ways to stay Up-To-Date. Subscribe to an RSS Feed Using a Reader – Setting up an RSS Feed with a Reader takes a bit of effort, but once set up it’s a huge time saver if you are following more than one site/blog. We recommend Google Reader. … Continue reading

Blog Tips – Be Careful What You Ask For

Good news, today was the last Tip, tomorrow we will get back to the serious business of serious blogging, and all questions from that point can be answered with a simple link to the archived Tips. Whoohoo! I’m trying to simplify my so-called life.

Blog Tips – Part IVa RSS Feeds On Your Home Page

If you only want to follow a small number of blogs or feeds you can add them to your home page with just a few clicks. Before we start you need to get the address of the RSS feed. For Bob’s Blog you will enter “http://www.notamystery.com/feed/” without the quotes. For Leslie’s Blog you will enter … Continue reading

Blog Tips – Part IV RSS Feeds

Once you’ve got Navigation down (Blog Tips – Part I), Links, Landing & Leaving (Blog Tips – Part II), and Comments, Searching & Tags  (Blog Tips – Part III) the next skill-set are RSS Feeds. RSS Feeds links are indicated by this Icon. They are all over the web, and if you didn’t know about … Continue reading

Blog Tips – Part III Comments, Searching, Tags

Once you’ve got Navigation down (Blog Tips – Part I), Links, Landing & Leaving (Blog Tips – Part II), the next skill-set involves leaving a comment for a particular post and finding or discovering new (to you) posts. 1] Commenting Depending on the Blog Theme, the link for comments will be either at the top … Continue reading

Blog Tips – Part II Links, Landing & Leaving

Now that you’ve got basic navigation down (Blog Tips – Part I), it’s important to use that knowledge when you send someone a link to a blog; or when you arrive at a blog as a result of clicking a link to a blog.  We could have included this in Part I, but it’s so … Continue reading

Blog Tips – Part I Navigation

Blogs are deceptive. Not content-wise, but style-wise. They look like a normal website, but work in a weird way. It didn’t used to matter to me, because I never read them; but now that I write one it does make a difference. This primer is to help you navigate around my blog, but it will … Continue reading

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