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Blog Tips – Part IVa RSS Feeds On Your Home Page

If you only want to follow a small number of blogs or feeds you can add them to your home page with just a few clicks.

If you have a Yahoo home page, click on the “Add Content” button. (It’s on the upper left of the page as I write this, although you should keep in mind that all the major sites periodically change the look of their pages.)


You can now search for news and other sites to add, however we already know the url of our feed so go ahead and click on the “Add RSS Feed” icon.


You will now get a box to enter the url for the feed. Make sure to enter all the letters and symbols we listed above, without the quotation marks. Then tell it you are DONE. The feed will now appear on your home page, and you can adjust the ‘Settings’ for the Feed.

In the case of a Google home page the process is identical, but the buttons looks slightly different.

The first button you click is on the upper right of the home page, and is called “Add Stuff”.

google_addAnd the next button to add the RSS Feed is called, “Add feed or gadget” and it’s on the left side of the next page.


Same process, add the url for the Feed, then go back to your Home Page and adjust the ‘Settings’ to taste!

One final editorial comment. Originally I used Yahoo for my home page, but got tired of the advert which cannot be removed from the upper right of the page. So I switched to using Google for my home page. I also began using gmail instead of yahoo mail. I’m much happier in both cases.

Since this is my blog, I can say what I want.



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