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Today’s Low Carb Tip: Flat Iron Steak

Let’s talk about Flat Iron Steak, a fantastic cut of meat I’m ashamed to admit I only discovered recently, and which might offset the hit your household budget will take from De-Sheeting. Traditionally this steak was used strictly for hamburger, but in 2002 some researchers at the Universities of Nebraska and Florida figured out that it … Continue reading

If The Devil Is In The Details, Google Will Find Him

For years Google has been performing so many amazing tech feats that we take them for granted. But I saw a new trick yesterday that made my jaw drop. I backup and store all my pictures and documents on Google Drive. One of its best features is the ability to search those on-line documents.  As … Continue reading

DIY Snooping, You Don’t Need The NSA For This Trick.

Thanks to a common ‘security hole’ in on-line images, we don’t need the NSA for some simple snooping. Just a few years ago most of us didn’t have high-speed internet connections, so publications would compress their photos to keep our browsers from slowing to a crawl. With the right compression the pictures would still look … Continue reading

Is It T-Rex, No It’s A Porterhouse

A few weeks ago I alluded to the fact that having switched to a low carb diet several years ago, I’ve become something of a streak steak snob. So just in time for Labor Day, here’s today’s tip, and I’m not talking Tri-Tip. It’s generally agreed that when you visit a fine steakhouse, the cut of … Continue reading

Life Hack: Blow Don’t Suck

I’ve been brainwashed for the past 40 years, but today the lights came on and the world is a happier place. If you look at the picture below you’ll see my Shop Vac and my Leaf Blower. Being a simple person, my assumption was that the former was to be used in the shop and … Continue reading

It’s All In The Numbers, And They’re Hiding In Plain Sight

When I find something I like, once is never enough. Depending on your point of view this makes me either a connoisseur or incredibly boring. For example, it’s not that hard to locate a great restaurant, but to find yourself at a table you really enjoy is a stroke of luck and therefore something I’m determined … Continue reading

MetaData For Dummies; Or How Isaac Grokked The Cloud

Main-stream media sites lit up this week with the disclosure that the NSA has tapped into private databases in order to subvert terrorist plots. And surprisingly enough, there are actually some interesting sidebars to the original story. A fascinating article in the NY Times explains how recent advances in the analysis of Big Data are being … Continue reading

Taking On The Google, One App At A Time

In the past we’ve scooped the big boys, but never gone mano-a-mano. This time is different. They don’t get much bigger than The Google, so we have thrown down the gauntlet and rolled up our sleeves. It all started with the latest Google update to their maps app on the iPhone. The ‘Map Team’ decided that in … Continue reading

Let’s All Just Get Small And Mobile

Great news for NotAMysterians with smart-phone addled brains (like me). Not A Mystery works perfectly on mobiles! Kind of takes your breath away, n’est-ce pas? How do they do that you might wonder? I’ll go with this saying: Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguable from magic. Arthur C. Clarke, “Profiles of The Future”, 1961 Actually … Continue reading

How About A Start-Up In A $Trillion Market With No Competition

These days there’s no shortage of opinion regarding the size and role of government. But one thing everyone can agree on; corruption has no place in any government. In the USA we are lucky in this regard, but many (usually poor) people in developing countries don’t have that luxury. I’m not talking about the stupidity … Continue reading

Rupert’s Hors D’œuvre Are Free, But Not Yet The Lunch

This morning there is (for me) one less mystery in the world. What’s emerged from Rupert Murdoch’s recent complaints about Google Search is the existance of a “First Click Free” deal between News Corp. and Google. Mr. Murdoch, who is arguably the most powerful person in media today, has been insisting that Google ‘steals’ his … Continue reading

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