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iPhone Accessory Comes In Flavors

Every once in a while you come across a trick that brings a smile to your lips. I’m smiling now. For those of you who have an iPhone or similar device, there are times when you’d like to go ‘hands-free’. Here I’m not referring to making a call, but watching a video. Turns out there are lots … Continue reading

Just One Word: “Subscriptions”

Have you noticed that the world is getting more crowded? No, not with people (although that’s also true), but with STUFF. We’ve discussed this in a few previous posts, notably on The Collyer Brothers, and MyLifeBits. So here’s a question to make it more personal: Do we own our stuff, or does our stuff own us? … Continue reading

Thanks For Sharing, It’s Really Not TMI

This is part geek time-out, and part public service announcement. We’ve add a neat feature to our blog, and want to explain how it works. It’s now appearing on thousands of other sites and blogs, so understanding it can save you a lot of time no matter where you are if you see that “Share” … Continue reading

Hey Kids, You CAN Do This At Home!

Think of this post as our first public service announcement. Leslie and I don’t have any grand-kids or other crumb-crunchers spending time at our house which might necessitate a surprise visit from CPS to audit our home’s child-proof-ness. So imagine if you will, my complete frustration with the Child Safety Caps that are put on … Continue reading

Separated At Birth, And Now Reunited!

Turns out I’m glad I didn’t buy an iPhone. Because if I had, Nuvi and Tilt would never have been reunited. Those are funny names for a Sister and Brother combo, but in the world of electronics it’s not at all that freakish. You see, Nuvi (on the left)  is the GPS device I purchased … Continue reading

Don’t Stop Now, Let’s Just Put Everything In Oil Drums!

At least the lawyers kiss you first. I’m not a huge fan of the legal profession, but compared to the people who package the laundry detergent at warehouse stores, they are squeeky clean. About three years ago we consumers were the beneficiaries of a huge step forward in state-of-the-art packaging. Laundry Detergent delivered in new … Continue reading

Chicken or Beef? Nope, Hand Me The Vacuum.

Leslie and I have an agreement on the division of labour. I stay out of the kitchen, and she stays out of the cleaning supplies. Here I am, in my cleaning-the-house outfit. There is once small problem however. When I’m dolled up, and the vacuum is screaming, I can’t hear the Podcasts on my MP3 player. … Continue reading

Tasked, Mashed, Hacked. And The Winner Is…

I’ve been trying to simplify my so called life since I retired. At this point I’m looking failure directly in the eye. But there is always the hope that simplicity will find us. Take a look at this painting by Rene Maggritte. Simple. Which brings me to the topics of Multi-Tasking, Mash-Ups and Life Hacks, … Continue reading

Hold Those Fries

Walter Cronkite passed away today, so we are down one icon. But thankfully the Economist’s Big Mac Index soldiers on. In a previous post we expressed concern that Big Mac might be supplanted by Big White, but our fears were unfounded. Herewith the latest Index, no ketchup required. Just to review, The Economist has been … Continue reading

Once The Ship Lifts, All Bills Are Paid

The Credit Card guys have a bunch of algorithms to spot fraud. Supposedly, a sure-fire way to set off alarm bells a few years ago were these charges: A gas tank fillup. Another gas tank fillup. A charge at a Sporting Goods store. The idea was that the stolen card is first used to fill … Continue reading

For Those Of You [Not] Living in Rio Linda

As readers of the blog know, I came out of the closet a while back and confessed that I married into a (wonderful) Rio Linda family. Over the past 20+ years I’ve been there more times than I can remember  for family functions, holidays, BBQ’s and whatever. As a result, I believe I’ve got the … Continue reading

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