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Hey Kids, You CAN Do This At Home!

Think of this post as our first public service announcement.

Leslie and I don’t have any grand-kids or other crumb-crunchers spending time at our house which might necessitate a surprise visit from CPS to audit our home’s child-proof-ness.

So imagine if you will, my complete frustration with the Child Safety Caps that are put on pill bottles these days, to protect our non-existent guests.

I guess it could be worse; they could put the entire pill bottle in a blast-proof plastic container that passes for consumer packaging these days. Or failing that, requiring the purchase of a gun safe to store prescription meds.

But I digress.

We order meds on Prime Mail Pharmacy’s web site. It works so well that I’m tempted to give a full-throated testimonial, but this is a commercial free blog.

Nowhere on their site, as far as I could tell, was there a place to specify that they take the Child Safety Caps and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine; subsequently supplying either a twist-off cap or pull-tab (sic).

So I emailed their customer support and … wait for it … got a reply!

Thank you for taking the time to email PrimeMail. We understand you would like non-child proof caps for your bottles.

At this time PrimeMail only has one type of caps for the bottles. The good news is you can modify it to open more easily. Simply take the cap off, place it on a flat surface, and push down in the center until it snaps into place. This should disable the child proofing.

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And guess what, It Works!

Brilliance In Packaging, Finally

On The Left, Stupid & Clumsy Cap....On The Right, Smart & Easy Cap.

She is my hero, can you say “Carma Nightingale“?



One thought on “Hey Kids, You CAN Do This At Home!

  1. Hey, that’s a neat design. Mine turn upside down and screw on the inside of the bottle.

    Posted by Ralphie May | September 3, 2009, 4:46 pm

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