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Tasked, Mashed, Hacked. And The Winner Is…

I’ve been trying to simplify my so called life since I retired. At this point I’m looking failure directly in the eye.

But there is always the hope that simplicity will find us. Take a look at this painting by Rene Maggritte. Simple.


It's Not A Pipe, It's A Painting Of A Pipe

Which brings me to the topics of Multi-Tasking, Mash-Ups and Life Hacks, all tools that we are told will simplify our lives.

Here are my Academy Award nominations for the Meme of My Simple Life.

  • Multi-Tasking involves doing more than one thing at a time, where each activity invariably gets done less well than if we just did it alone.
  • Mash-Ups consist of the combination of several activities into one single activity, where the result is better than the sum of its parts.
  • Life-Hacks are anything that can help you be more productive or more efficient, or simply a way to get something done smarter.

I’ve been trying to think of a single good reason to Multi-Task; I can’t. On the other hand, I know there are lots of people who don’t know any other way to go about their daily lives. Scary.

  • One thing we are learning about Multi-Tasking is that in addition to making the people around you nuts, it’s also dangerous to your health. We now have MADD, next will be MAMT which is fine with me.

Mash-Ups on the other hand feel comfortable to me, calming even. Lots of information in a small package. Intuitive, with very little learning curve. Cuddly.

  • Mash-Ups have been mostly conceived so far as media or digital creations. But I’m suggesting they be used as a life visualization overlay. Remember YHIHF.

Life-Hacks are simple and specific. To know one is to love one. Loyal, dedicated.

  • Like this for example: “Buy only gray colored socks.”

So having listed the nominees, I get to pick my favorite. Let’s have the envelope please.

And the winner is…Life Hacks!

So for now, it’s Life Hacks, one trick at a time. No Multi-Hacks or Mash-Hacks.

Before everything was either black or white.

Now, I’m all gray socks, all the time.

I still need his chin though, click here.

From The Chin To The Socks

From His Chin To His Socks




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