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Hiding In Plain Site, And Coming To A URL Near You

In spite of myself, I think this latest meme is kinda neat. As reported by the NY Times, in-jokes are now getting stuffed into the URL of the websites you visit. The Internet is at peak saturation, and news sites and popular blogs are toiling to leverage every possible piece of web real estate to capture readers’ … Continue reading

Reaching Out With Superpowers

For once I hope I’m wrong, but there seems to be a new meme out there that is gaining traction, known as the Superpower. Now traditionally the term Superpower is reserved for countries having (lots of) nuclear weapons, or for a comic book character that can leap tall buildings. But in its current incarnation Superpower merely refers to … Continue reading

Real Men Don’t “Reach Out”

It’s getting harder and harder to maintain my hermit status. Everyone is Reaching Out to me. And it’s not just people. Even organizations that should know better think that reaching out to me makes them my new best friend. Banks, airlines, websites. Really? And it’s not just me. Everywhere I turn it seems people and organizations are … Continue reading

Just In Time For Towel Day, It’s Exoplanets

Today a serious scientific discussion of ‘exo-planets’, but first a quick reminder about Towel Day, which is just around the corner. Towel Day is celebrated every year on 25 May as a tribute to the author Douglas Adams by his fans. On this day, fans carry a towel with them to demonstrate their appreciation for the … Continue reading

All Hat, No Nukes?

The phrase “All Hat, No Cattle” first came to my attention when George W. Bush was in the White House, and his critics used it to suggest he didn’t have the substance to back up his policies. But that was then, and this is now. Today’s Wall Street Journal contains an article about North Korea’s … Continue reading

The Challenge In Blogging …

… and when to start over.

Pynch Me, The Economist Quotes The Onion

Finally, proof positive that the world is going to sh*t. The Economist, to prove a point, has linked to an article in The Onion. The matter of love, literature and taste is a silly minefield—one that often says more about how we brand ourselves than about what is essential for romantic compatibility. Source – The Economist … Continue reading

This Cheese-Cam Is In Switzerland, Not Wisconsin

It’s a pity our blog isn’t more popular in Sweden. Just a few days ago we reported on a license plate ‘hack‘ that reduces your vulnerability to being spotted by speed cameras. It might have saved a (very) rich Swedish man his $1,000,000 fine. Record speeding fine of £650,000 given to motorist in Switzerland. Swedish man … Continue reading

For Those Too Young To Remember Miss Clairol, A New Metaphor

Where’s Shirley Polykoff when you need her? It’s been a tough few weeks for investors. The other day I came across this observation while reading a financial report: First investors had their hair set on fire by the “flash crash” of May 6. Then came the jolt of June, as stocks lost another 5.2% and finished … Continue reading

NYC Notes: Princes To The Left, Princes To The Right

We left NYC just before our invitations to the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic arrived. Drats. Who would’ve guessed, polo in the midst of the city, with fancy attendees acting out a great scene from Pretty Woman, by stomping-on-the-divots during half time. Plus a plethora of pretty faces, some of them Royal. And perhaps here’s an example … Continue reading

Europe’s Oldest Political Body Now Swatting At Mosquitoes

Technology can be used to solve some of mankind’s thorniest problems. I read about the “mosquito” several years ago. It’s a gizmo that emits an irritating, high-pitched sound that can be heard only by children and people into their early 20s, and is used to prevent teenagers congregating outside shops, schools and railway stations. It … Continue reading

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