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Hey BP, This Barrel’s For You!

You’d think a barrel would just be a barrel. But no, it turns out that a barrel of oil is 30% smaller than a barrel of wine. F2U Rio Linda a barrel of oil holds 42 gallons, while a barrel of wine holds 60 gallons. I discovered this the other day while standing in front … Continue reading

Only Us Fools

Today a quick intermission from our NYC Notes. Deborah Solomon interviewing Christopher Hitchens about his just-published memoir. Did you write the book for money? Of course, I do everything for money. Dr. Johnson is correct when he says that only a fool writes for anything but money. It would be useful to keep a diary, … Continue reading

NYC Notes: Matzo Running Wild In The Streit’s

I’ve never been a big fan of Martha Stewart. But today Martha surprised me, so I may have to revise my position. More details to follow. In the meantime, back to our week in NYC. The good news is that we landed at JFK after a cross-country flight and my back felt fine. The bad news … Continue reading

NYC Notes: Visit To The Mother Ship

Leslie and I just returned from a week in New York City. In the coming days I’ll be posting some NYC impressions and travel related items. We had a great time.

Anniversary Favs And Big Green

Hard as it is (for me) to believe, we began our blog one year ago today. And this is our 178th. post. But who’s counting. In honor of that Anniversary, I’d like to suggest that you check out some of our FAV posts. F2U Rio Linda, FAVS are items that I had the most fun composing, … Continue reading

Stretched For Income? Invest In Gatorade [Bottles]

Get a grip, because I’m about to tell you how to double your money with no risk. While simultaneously bringing new meaning to the phrase, “go green”. Let’s talk recycling. Like me, I’m sure that many of your beer-drinking friends go on about the  hundreds of dollars they ‘make’ by taking their crushed aluminum cans … Continue reading

USA Manufacturing, Getting Our Groove Back In A Smallish Way

I revel in a good day every so often, as an attempt to avoid morphing into a grumpy old man. Recently I went to Lowe’s home Improvement Center with the goal of purchasing a “Shrub Rake”. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a shrub rake before I got there, I was just … Continue reading

Lobbyists Do It In The Dark, Bankers Post It In The Cellar

In a nutshell, the way financial institutions (Big Bank) make their money is by knowing more than the other guy (that would be you). They will famously say that their priority is to serve their customers, and that capitalism depends upon them for the efficient allocation of capital. Also, that they are all in favor … Continue reading

Chew Gum And Walk? How About Argue And Laugh.

This teaching moment is in the spirit of our continuing drive for bipartisanship. It was Tip O’Neill who, as Speaker of the House, famously battled President Reagan, but still managed to get along. It would be a positive change if the relationship between Speaker O’Neill and President Reagan became a model for today’s politicians. [The] … Continue reading

Children Should Be Taxed And Not Heard

As far as I’m concerned, all babies look like Winston Churchill. I’ve never thought of babies as contributing members of society. But now that’s changed. Parents aren’t just raising adorable kids. They are also producing little human capital units that are likely to grow up, get jobs, pay taxes and raise little human capital units … Continue reading

Spring Is Almost Here, Don’t Worry Be Happy

I’m really not a cranky old man, but sometimes I stray close to the line. It’s not my fault. The world, and Republicans, make me do it. So today a happy post. Spring is coming, birds are nesting and it’s time for renewal. We live in a community with lots of open space, which requires … Continue reading

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