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NYC Notes: Matzo Running Wild In The Streit’s

I’ve never been a big fan of Martha Stewart.

But today Martha surprised me, so I may have to revise my position. More details to follow.

In the meantime, back to our week in NYC.

The good news is that we landed at JFK after a cross-country flight and my back felt fine. The bad news is that the flight was a red-eye, so we arrived at 6:30am.

On the other hand there was no traffic once we got into Manhattan.

We had a great breakfast at The Clinton Street Baking Co., which was on Leslie’s Bucket List.

After breakfast, we started walking back towards SoHo.

Usually our default is to walk from Fabric Store to Fabric Store, so when Leslie suddenly stopped and said, “Matzo” I was understandably confused. Had she spotted Isaac Mizrahi?

But I remained calm, and slowly looked around.


“In the little window behind you, look.” Leslie suggested.

And amazingly here is what I saw, as I peered into that window on Rivington Street. Matzo coming off a production line, in an unending stream. Amazing.

Supposedly the Israelites couldn’t wait for their bread to rise when they fled Egypt, so they invented Matzo, which is just four and water.

It seems obvious (to me) in watching this unending stream of production, that a more likely explanation would involve a Jewish entrepreneur who figured out how to mass produce a ‘healthy’ bread substitute, and Matzo was born.

I hope he made a fortune before being run out of Egypt.

Now back to Martha Stewart.

The Matzo-Line Leslie found belongs to Streit’s Matzo, whose storefront was at the end of the block. When I did a search to find other information about the company I discovered this outstanding documentary done by … wait for it … Martha Stewart.

One final note. If you listen carefully to the talk on the Streit’s production line, it does not sound like either Hebrew or Yiddish. At least we don’t have to worry that they will relocate this line to Arizona.

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