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NYC Notes: Patek Philippe Has Left The Building

My father nurtured one, and passed it on to me.

And then in turn, I passed it down to my sons.

It must be a Patek Philippe watch, right?

You never actually own a Patek Philippe.

You merely look after it for the next generation.

Nope. In actual fact it’s a bad back.

Which brings me to my first travel tip, in our NYC Travel Note Series.

When you sit in an airplane seat you need a lumbar support, especially if you have a bad back. And since something like 70% of the population has one or will have one, this tip goes to the heart of any travel plan.

For years I would stuff a pillow or blanket behind my back. I stopped doing this, not because the airlines started charging for pillows and blankets, but because they don’t work.

Years ago I discovered the Eagle Creek Lumbar Support. This thing is brilliant. It inflates with a puff of air to give outstanding lumbar support. The killer feature is that it conforms perfectly to your back and the seat. Plus it has a bit of give during the bounces.

The Patek Is For Sure Pretty, But The "Cush" Doesn't Need Winding

You can forget the traveler’s checks, but don’t forget your lumbar support.

Trust me.

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3 thoughts on “NYC Notes: Patek Philippe Has Left The Building

  1. I’m planning a trip to India in the Fall of 2011. This great item just got added to my list. THANKS!

    Posted by Heather | June 9, 2010, 9:15 am


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