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USA Manufacturing, Getting Our Groove Back In A Smallish Way

I revel in a good day every so often, as an attempt to avoid morphing into a grumpy old man.

Recently I went to Lowe’s home Improvement Center with the goal of purchasing a “Shrub Rake”. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a shrub rake before I got there, I was just looking for a smallish rake to be consistent in my desire to perform only smallish yard tasks.

The beauty of our capitalist system is a multitude of choices. In this case, big rakes, medium rakes and little rakes. Tons of rakes. I didn’t know there could be so many rakes. I was standing there scratching my head when another shopper pointed to a particular rake and said, “Don’t buy that rake, it doesn’t work.”

Now in spite of the name of our blog, I have to admit that how a rake could not work was a mystery to me.

In any case, after what seemed like an unduly long time I finally managed to pick out what was the ultimate rake on offer. It was the lightest, longest, prettiest and surprisingly cheapest of all the rakes on this wall display. I was honestly chuffed with my selection.

Now imagine my absolute gob-smaked surprise when I examined the label and discovered that this rake was Made In The USA.

The USA is getting our rake back, which may be even better than getting our groove back.

No Assembly Required

But wait, it gets better.

When I grasped the adhesived-on label and pulled, instead of ripping in tiny pieces that would take hours to remove, it peeled right off and left no residue!

Look Ma, It Didn't Stick!

And that’s all it takes, these days, to have a good day.

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