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Hiding In Plain Site, And Coming To A URL Near You

In spite of myself, I think this latest meme is kinda neat.

As reported by the NY Times, in-jokes are now getting stuffed into the URL of the websites you visit.

The Internet is at peak saturation, and news sites and popular blogs are toiling to leverage every possible piece of web real estate to capture readers’ attention. The URL, or web address, also sometimes referred to by techies as the “slug” or the “permalink,” is the latest spot for exploitation. Quite literally, the clickable link is the new clickbait.

For example, click on our link to the NY Times article above, and you will see that the article’s URL ends with:



Just another example, among many, of how the world has changed since I was a young techie. Back in the day we had to work to find our ‘Easter Eggs‘.

Everything is now more Transparent.


Not Your Father’s Easter Egg

Hopefully you’ve been paying attention, and by now will have peeked at this post’s URL to find our hidden (sic) message.

[Geek aside: If you are reading this post on the front page of our blog you will need to bring up the article’s specific URL. To do that, scroll up and then click on its title. Then you will see the URL of the post.]

Still confused? Google the phrase in the URL and you will find links to one of our fav films.



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