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Gray Ladies Don’t Do Math, But They Can “Click-Bait”

Today’s NY Times coverage of the presidential campaign goes with “Hillary Clinton Widens Lead over Donald Trump in Poll”. Which is interesting, especially when we get to the math. The CNN/ORC poll, released Wednesday morning, shows Mrs. Clinton with 54 percent of respondents’ support, compared with 41 percent for Mr. Trump, a lead that is one percentage point above her showing in … Continue reading

This “L” Train Doesn’t Go To Brooklyn

Why, oh why, did John Paulson sit down for an interview with Businessweek magazine? Here’s a guy who became a financial legend by betting against subprime mortgages before the market collapsed in 2007, netting his investors $15 billion while putting almost $4 billion in his own pocket. And historically he’s kept a very low profile. “I … Continue reading

Syria, I’m Your Banker And I’m Here To Help

Let’s send Jamie Dimon to Syria. No, not because we want to punish him, but because he’s the only guy I know willing to call a spade a spade. He could give us a status update on Kofi Annan’s peace plan for Syria. Because what I admire about Dimon, and pointed out in a recent … Continue reading

Better Than Jail Time, It’s The Day-Fine

Once again we will attempt to bring clarity to an obscure topic. Should traffic fines be calculated based on the driver’s income? Aroused by our last post, readers have bombarded us with their thoughts regarding the $1,000,000 fine levied on a speeder in Switzerland last week. After doing some research I discovered there’s more than … Continue reading

Faster Than WikiLeaks: We Scoop The NY Times, Once Again

It’s always nice when we beat the “Grey Lady” to a major story. OK, this isn’t really a major story, but we’ll wallow in the victory of our scoop. Last month we wrote that Cheap Knock-Offs Are Giving Fine Counterfeits A Bad Name. And almost three weeks later, here is the NY Times’ lede paragraph, After … Continue reading

Europe’s Oldest Political Body Now Swatting At Mosquitoes

Technology can be used to solve some of mankind’s thorniest problems. I read about the “mosquito” several years ago. It’s a gizmo that emits an irritating, high-pitched sound that can be heard only by children and people into their early 20s, and is used to prevent teenagers congregating outside shops, schools and railway stations. It … Continue reading

Hey BP, This Barrel’s For You!

You’d think a barrel would just be a barrel. But no, it turns out that a barrel of oil is 30% smaller than a barrel of wine. F2U Rio Linda a barrel of oil holds 42 gallons, while a barrel of wine holds 60 gallons. I discovered this the other day while standing in front … Continue reading

From Skinny Cows To Fatted Calves

Close on the hooves of our Skinny Cow report comes further bovine news from Wall Street, which we’ll put under the category of Fatted Calves. Fatted calf is a metaphor or symbol of festive celebration and rejoicing for someone’s long-awaited return. It derives from the parable of the prodigal son in the New Testament. In … Continue reading

Tragedy And Butterfly Wings

Now that speculation has begun on the cause of Saturday’s tragic plane crash in western Russia that killed Poland’s president Lech Kaczynski and many of the government’s leaders, it’s tempting to imagine that the pilots were pressured into landing against their better judgement. Investigators examining the crash appeared to be focusing on why the pilot did … Continue reading

Guess What, ATT Is The New Material Girl

Last week we noted ATT’s whining about a $1 billion [non-cash] charge they were being forced to take because of Obamacare. In fact the new law just eliminated a 7-year old scam allowing them to ‘double-dip’ by taking a tax deduction on healthcare premiums that were actually being paid (for them) by the government. A … Continue reading

Respect For The US Senate, Now An Oxymoron

As we approach April 15th., otherwise known as Tax Day, it’s time once again to mention the staggering corruption of the US Senate, the world’s ‘greatest deliberative body’. For well over three years (!) there has been an attempt to get rid of a loophole in the tax code granting hedge fund managers a lower … Continue reading

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