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Doesn’t Take Instruction Well

Things have gotten so bad in the world of written instructions, that when I first saw it I thought this book was for real.

That was my bad.


Of course we all know that nobody writes technical manuals anymore. Every gadget you buy comes with a ‘Quick Start’ guide, written in pictures. Otherwise known as Comics. And, no need to translate.

If you dig really, really deep you might find a website that holds the hope of a downloadable manual. But more likely you’ll find the support page is a list of stumper FAQ’s like, “Can I use my own headphones or do I need to purchase a special set”?

Tech Support has become an oxymoron. In fact it’s the Gold Standard of Oxymoron-dom.

So why is it like that?

  • It costs money to write and print tech manuals.
  • The manuals are out-dated by the time they are published.
  • And, I believe this is really the most important: if you don’t know how something is supposed to work, you can’t complain when it doesn’t.

On the other hand, it really doesn’t matter, because

Nobody Reads Them

Except people like me.

But I have a plan.

Yes, I'm Serious

Write That Manual!

Government regulation!

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