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Gray Ladies Don’t Do Math, But They Can “Click-Bait”

Today’s NY Times coverage of the presidential campaign goes with “Hillary Clinton Widens Lead over Donald Trump in Poll”. Which is interesting, especially when we get to the math. The CNN/ORC poll, released Wednesday morning, shows Mrs. Clinton with 54 percent of respondents’ support, compared with 41 percent for Mr. Trump, a lead that is one percentage point above her showing in … Continue reading

First or Second Amendment Protection, Take Your Pick

An article in today’s NY Times reported on violence at a recent Donald Trump rally, with clashes between Trump supporters and protestors. When I first glanced at this picture, I thought these guys were holding cans of pepper spray, or tasers. But closer inspection shows no less than 6 cellphones, all locked and loaded. Cellphones … Continue reading

Maybe There Is Light At The End Of The Tunnel… Or Not

Today the NY Times reports that President Obama’s budget proposal, which will be released next week is, “Dismissed by the GOP and attacked by the left.” In the real world when you come up with a proposal that equally hurts both sides, it’s the sign of a pretty good compromise. So…  do we feel lucky?

It’s Time To Regulate The Soapbox

I have a modest proposal for the health care debate. Only those of us who have actually shopped for an Individual Health Insurance Policy would be allowed to get up on their soapbox and let fly with their opinions. This leaves out all current member of Congress; any retired members of Congress who served more … Continue reading

Obamacare Gets A Haircut

I usually don’t mind waiting to get my hair cut. But today was a little out of the ordinary. The fellow ahead of me, who I’ll call Randy, felt called upon to deliver a lecture on Obamacare and how the President is directing the government to take over our lives.  It was quite a rant, and Randy clearly … Continue reading

Hail The Recluse, A Much Better Citizen

Why would a recluse turn out to be a better citizen than your typical politician? Aside from what’s obvious about politicians, the answer is in the Dunbar Number. Dunbar’s number is a suggested cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships … It has been proposed to lie between 100 … Continue reading

California Rocking Out, Once Again

It’s not a secret that California is fiscally challenged, with the legislature locked in partisan battles and unable to compromise on a budget. California [began] a new budget year … without a spending plan in place and with no agreement imminent between state legislators and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on how to close a $19.1-billion deficit. … Continue reading

It’s Hard To Argue With Gravity While Ordering A Hamburger

Being an expert must be harder these days. Nobody seems to have any good answers to tough questions about the economy. Morningstar pundits are usually pretty good when it comes to personal financial advice. But in is a recent answer on how to maintain yourself in retirement, they managed to coin the phrase ‘pre-tire’ when … Continue reading

Volcker Rule Gives Investment Banks A “Woodie”

The US Congress is getting close to passing new financial regulation, attempting to rein in our friends on Wall Street. Pending legislation would limit Investment Banks’ ability to trade for their own accounts, and effectively bar them from trading derivatives. The bankers are pushing back. Surprised? The big banks argue that the Volcker proposal is … Continue reading

Some Parts Of Immigration Reform Really Ain’t Rocket Science

Ah, the immigration debate ramps up again. It shouldn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out, that by definition, enforcement requires a way to distinguish between the legals and illegals. Common sense should tell you that the only way to do that on a day-to-day basis is with a National Identity Card authenticated by some … Continue reading

Lobbyists Do It In The Dark, Bankers Post It In The Cellar

In a nutshell, the way financial institutions (Big Bank) make their money is by knowing more than the other guy (that would be you). They will famously say that their priority is to serve their customers, and that capitalism depends upon them for the efficient allocation of capital. Also, that they are all in favor … Continue reading

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