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Guess What, ATT Is The New Material Girl

Last week we noted ATT’s whining about a $1 billion [non-cash] charge they were being forced to take because of Obamacare. In fact the new law just eliminated a 7-year old scam allowing them to ‘double-dip’ by taking a tax deduction on healthcare premiums that were actually being paid (for them) by the government. A … Continue reading

Chew Gum And Walk? How About Argue And Laugh.

This teaching moment is in the spirit of our continuing drive for bipartisanship. It was Tip O’Neill who, as Speaker of the House, famously battled President Reagan, but still managed to get along. It would be a positive change if the relationship between Speaker O’Neill and President Reagan became a model for today’s politicians. [The] … Continue reading

Respect For The US Senate, Now An Oxymoron

As we approach April 15th., otherwise known as Tax Day, it’s time once again to mention the staggering corruption of the US Senate, the world’s ‘greatest deliberative body’. For well over three years (!) there has been an attempt to get rid of a loophole in the tax code granting hedge fund managers a lower … Continue reading

Crazy Uncles And Red-Headed Stepchildren

So here, free of charge, is my suggestion to lower the temperature of our political debates. Replace the metaphor for our clash of ideas, which is currently WAR, with something else. And since the Democrats and Republicans can’t yet agree on anything, I will offer up a custom metaphor for each side. The Repubs will henceforth … Continue reading

You Can Call A Spade A Spade, But You Still Have To Find It

The usual suspects are shocked, shocked they say, over last week’s annoncement by ATT and several other large corporations that they would have to take (non-cash) write-offs because of new rules in ‘ObamaCare’ taking effect immediately. In ATT’s case the number was $1 billion. The charges relate to prescription-drug benefits for retirees. Companies that provide … Continue reading

Time To Get Those Heads Out Of The Doggy Bag

Republicans might want to start thinking about who leads their parade. Our enemy is now clearly defined. We know who they are: Anybody with a D beside their name. There’s no moderate Democrat or pro-life Democrat. There’s no Blue Dog, lap dog, hot dog, back dog Democrat. If it’s a D, they are the enemy, … Continue reading

All Aboard A Train Ride Worthy Of Our Politicians

In a week when natural disasters have taken over the headlines you’d think we could contain the man-made ones, at least temporarily. But no, that’s not happening. In a staggering display of dysfunction the Senate allowed a single (Republican) lawmaker to … block[ed] a $10 billion bill that would have extended unemployment benefits and other … Continue reading

Serfs, Slaves And The Health Care Debate

I wasn’t always a fan of Paul Krugman, but that was when I still thought El Rushbo spoke only the truth. F2U Rio Linda: he doesn’t. In any event, the New Yorker magazine just published a great profile of Krugman the person, which also sheds light on Krugman the (Nobel Prize winning) economist. And buried in that article … Continue reading

Rupert’s Wall Street Journal Now Channeling Zap Comix

We always get a kick out of subliminal editorializing in news articles thru the use of photos. And in this case Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal really has set a new (low) standard in their coverage of the recent Governors Conference. It appears to me that the WSJ editorial staff selected this picture of California Gov. … Continue reading

It’s Always Nice To Be At The Top Of The Charts

It’s alway nice to be Number 1. For example, I’m terrifically proud that I purchased my current home at the absolute peak of the real estate bubble. And I feel equally puffed up over this chart from the Economist showing that we in the US are supporting Big Pharma in their quest for profits. Shame on those Health … Continue reading

It’s Never Too Late To Be Googled: A Procrastinator’s Delight

I thought that “The End of The World as We Know It” had already taken place earlier this year. And I was right of course, but for the wrong reason. Silly me. “Googled” by Ken Auletta, does describe the end of the world as we know it. But it’s not a financial meltdown, it’s a media … Continue reading

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