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All Aboard A Train Ride Worthy Of Our Politicians

In a week when natural disasters have taken over the headlines you’d think we could contain the man-made ones, at least temporarily.

But no, that’s not happening.

In a staggering display of dysfunction the Senate allowed a single (Republican) lawmaker to

… block[ed] a $10 billion bill that would have extended unemployment benefits and other programs after halting its progress last week. And on Monday, the impact of his blockade started biting, with the expiration of benefits to 100,000 people and the suspension of 41 transportation projects across the country.

So what to make of this?

Republicans Boarded The Train Without Checking It's Destination

It used to be said you could get away with almost anything if you made the trains run on time, but first the Senate needs to figure out how to keep them on the tracks.

Even worse, Senator Bunning didn’t get to see his basketball game.

Pity, that.

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