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My So Called Life, Now A Re-Run In Hi-Def

TMI (“Too Much Information”) Syndrome now has a Big Brother, and he’s called “Lifelog“.

The term Lifelog was coined by Gordon Bell, and it refers to the concept of recording everything you are exposed to every day; and I mean everything. We are on the cusp of realizing the digital equivalent (as I predicted) of the Collyer Brothers.


What if you could remember everything? Soon, if you choose, you will be able to conveniently and affordably record your whole life in minute detail. You would have Total Recall.

It should be noted at this point that Bell is considered something of a visionary in the computer field, so we can’t write him off as a complete nutter just yet. He’s even written a book on the subject, “Total Recall“.

On the other hand we have this quote from Bill Gates:

“What would happen if we could instantly access all the information we were exposed to throughout our lives?”

Turns out that for years Microsoft has had a project called MyLifeBits, doing exactly that. And unfortunately, with today’s digital technology and cloud storage, it’s within the realm of possibility given a little push from the Micro-softies.

And (drum roll)  here it is, another gorgeously intuitive Microsoft user interface!


MyLifeBits User Interface. Breath-Taking Isn't It?

Really, our only hope is that Apple takes over and turns it into iLifeBits.

But why Gordon?

Why, Oh Why, Oh Why?

[Interesting footnote: Bell’s book, “Total Recall” was co-authored with Jim Gemmell, and features a Foreword by Bill Gates. Originally Amazon’s web site correctly identified both authors. A few days later however, the authors were  listed:  “by Bill Gates (Foreword), Gordon Bell (Author)” with no mention of Gemmell, although his name is clearly visible on the image of the book. At this writing Barnes & Noble has the correct listing, so I’ve linked to BN, although if you want to check Amazon here’s the link.  I’m sure all this will eventually show up in Bell’s LifeLog (sic).]

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2 thoughts on “My So Called Life, Now A Re-Run In Hi-Def

  1. Tabs on the right edge of the Microsoft Screen Shot show true UI engineering genius.

    Posted by Matthew | October 8, 2009, 10:32 am


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