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We Made It To Our 100th. Anniversary Post

This is a milestone of sorts, our 100th post at Not A Mystery.

And so you probably say, “Big Deal”.

Fair enough.

Anyway we’ll take some time to review a few of my favorite posts. Here we go:

What's the Plural of 4011?

4011 Means Bananas

The Big 4011 Is Not A Freeway In LA allowed me to combine two of my life issues: [1] I simply cannot speak any foreign languages, and [2] Some of the automated gizmos we have to deal with every day sometimes take on a life of their own. Also I was able to get in a little dig at the French which is always a kick.

HRH 60th Birthday

HRH As Prince

Let Them Eat Cake, And Walk It Off garnered an awful lot of hits. Perhaps because folks shared my infatuation with this picture of HRH The Prince of Wales.

Follow The (New) Money

The Sarko

A Day Late And A Dollar Sarko’d was a summation of a series on The Big Mac Index, at a time when the President of France was in the news. I really wanted to figure out how to get Carla Bruni into the post, since she’s a lot prettier than Sarko.



You Book Publishers Think You Are Sooo Intellectual This is even more timely now than when we did a series on electronic book readers. Pretty much what we’ve predicted has come to pass, and the publishing industry still can’t seem to find its derrière with both hands.

Are Blades The New Brains?

Blades Not Brains

The Swiss, Blades For Brains You’ve got to wonder where the priorities are in LA and Bern.  The ‘victim’ in the case has for years requested the authorities to give it up and leave Polanski alone. Really, it’s time to move on.

Why Stop Now, Super-Size It!

Super-Size Everything

Don’t Stop Now, Let’s Just Put Everything In Oil Drums! We’d all feel better if Congress had to live with our Health Insurance and if the nitwits who design Super-Sized detergent containers did their own laundry.

Life Settlement Backed Securities, Yeah!

Death Can Be Profitable

What’s Better Than A Reverse Mortgage? Death Bonds! We were way ahead of the curve on Life Settlements. This was the original post that beat the NY Times by 3 months. You will read more and more about these Financial “Products” in the next few years.

There are lots more FAVS, if you would like click on the “FAV” link in the TAG CLOUD on the right side of this page.

And thanks for coming!

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