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Onion Video: Politically Incorrect But Environmentally Sensitive

It’s now been a week since Valentine’s Day, which is a reasonable ‘cooling off’ period. So I shouldn’t get in trouble with the Valentine Police over this item.

This breaking news story from The Onion News Network is hysterical. Make sure to listen to the words, since the images are a tad distracting.

The subject is a Slut Spill on an Los Angeles Freeway.

Notice to family viewers, this video is rated R.

Politically Incorrect, But Environmentally Friendly

Remember, It's Very Green

We can’t embed this video, but that’s OK, we wouldn’t want it resident on the blog since we are G-Rated.

But you can click here to go to Onion’s site and watch.

I have to wonder when they will come up with a technique to Recycle Sluts.

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2 thoughts on “Onion Video: Politically Incorrect But Environmentally Sensitive

  1. Please please please watch “Jersey Shore”. Please.

    Gym Tan Laundry!

    Posted by Matthew | February 20, 2010, 6:48 pm

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